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Monday, October 25, 2010

Own Gold Directly Where it is Cheaper, Easier and Safer – Bullionvault.com

          Own Gold Directly Where it is Cheaper, Easier and Safer – Bullionvault.com

For the weary stock investor, this year has been one filled with uncertainty and volatility, but Gold has prospered, setting new price records with each passing month, and showing no signs of pulling back in the near future.  In fact, Gold prices have been on a tear for the past decade, outstripping any traditional investment instrument in total return.  For the average investor, the question then becomes, “How do I invest in this valuable commodity?”

There are actually a variety of ways.  You can invest directly in gold mining companies or exchange-traded or mutual funds that focus on this sector of the market.  You can buy gold coins at retail prices that are unreasonably inflated, thereby defeating the ability to achieve a decent return.  Lastly, you can invest directly in owning the precious metal by working with a transfer agent that buys the bullion on the market at wholesale and then secures the asset in a formidable vault for safekeeping.

The leader in this field of agents is Bullionvault.com.  This company has been devoted to this primary service since 2005, and their website will both educate you on how to invest in Gold and facilitate the process online.  The key things to know are:

·         You can buy gold here today. You will own proven, pure gold grams of approved bullion market gold;
·         Buying gold bullion directly on a gold exchange gets you a far better gold price;
·         Store the gold you buy in the professional vault of your choice: in New York, London or Zurich.

For those investors that wish to balance their portfolios or prefer owning Gold directly, the process has never been easier.  As with any international dealer that receives monies from across a border, there are necessary precautionary procedures required to validate your identify and comply with regulatory requirements.  For this reason, it is recommended that a basic wire transfer from your bank be used to fund your account.

Before your account is funded, the company will actually give you a gram of Gold to get started.  What could be easier than that?  As for bullion storage charges, as one satisfied customer stated, “The monthly cost is the same as a beer.”  Experts are on hand to help you, and customer testimonials on the Internet have been quite favorable.  Bullionvault.com – The safe way to own Gold!


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