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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Germany Stockpiling Gold: Ted Anderson Reports

The global financial collapse is coming and expected in 2014. The Germans just do what everyone else should be doing right now... securing your financial future. The global Elite won't warn you that the financial collapse is coming. So you have to make precautions on your own and prepare yourself for anything. And that's what the Germans are doing. And seriously, Gold is an old topic in Infowars. Alex has already talked about that in 2009 and recommended everyone to buy more gold and silver.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Jim Rogers : Gold is consolidating now, a well-deserved consolidation

Jim Rogers : “Gold is up 11 years in a row. Gold is consolidating now, a well-deserved consolidation. I own gold, I’m not selling gold. If gold goes down, I’ll buy more.” He’s bullish gold will eventually go well over $2,000 an ounce but said corrections of between 30% and 40% are normal. Rogers owns all the metals but said if he had to buy one today, it would be silver.

Friday, January 25, 2013

What is Silver? with Sean Rakhimov of SilverStrategies.com

Minaurum Gold interviews Sean Rakhimov of SilverStrategies.com on his views of the Silver market for investing, supply and demand, current and future trends and much more.

Friday, January 18, 2013

12 Pound Gold Nugget Valued $300000 Discovered In Australia

12-Pound Gold Nugget Found In Ballarat, Australia, Could Be Worth More Than $500,000 ,There's gold in them thar Ballarat, Australia. Really big gold. A 12-pound gold nugget, worth perhaps $500,000, was dug up Wednesday by a prospector using a $6,000 metal detector, local news site the Courier reported. A good investment, we'd say. The identity of the prospector and exact location of the find remain secret, but the Courier wrote that the man took the mega-nugget to the Ballarat Mining Exchange Gold Shop to confirm his incredible fortune. Shop owner Cordell Kent said the nugget was unearthed nearly two feet below the land surface. Melted down, the "nugget" would be worth about $300,000, but its rarity multiplies its value, Kent said.

An unidentified amateur gold prospector made the find of a lifetime in Ballarat, Australia, when his trusty metal detector discovered an enormous nugget of gold 60 centimeters below the surface. Evaluated at the Ballarat Mining Exchange Gold Shop, the nugget weighed 12 pounds and is estimated to be worth more than $300,000. While the prospector votes to keep his identity anonymous, Ballarat Exchange owner Cordell Kent spoke with reporters on the find. According to Kent, the gold nugget was discovered 20 miles from downtown Ballarat thanks to the prospector's advanced Minelab GPX-5000 metal detector.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gold, Silver decline on sluggish demand, global cues

Both the precious metals, gold and silver, declined in the national capital today owing to subdued demand at prevailing higher levels amid a weak global trend. Traders said subdued demand from retailers at prevailing higher levels and a weak global trend mainly led to fall in both gold and silver prices. Gold in global markets, which normally set price trend on the domestic front, fell by USD 9.90 to USD 1,646.90 an ounce and silver by 0.07 per cent to USD 30.16 an ounce in New York last night. - in India Economic Times

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jim Rogers: GOLD is going to go much higher because the world is doing nothing but printing money

Jim Rogers: I own gold and I own silver. I own all the precious metals, especially gold and silver. I'm not sure I would buy right now. Gold has gone up 12 years in a row, which is extremely unusual for any asset, at least in my experience. I don't know any asset that's gone up 12 years without a down year except gold. Gold has had only one decline over 30 percent in those 12 years. That, too, is extremely unusual.
Plus, if you look at the open interest from the CFTC, the speculators have been piling into gold. The number of call options is more than twice the put options. All the signs are that there's too much speculation in gold right now.
I'm not selling, by any stretch. I own it. If it goes down, I'll buy more. If America bombs Iran, I'll probably buy more going up. But I own it and, over the longer term, gold is going to go much higher because the world is doing nothing but printing money. And when the world economies get bad again, they're going to print even more money. But I'm not buying now.

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