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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gold and Silver from one record high to the next

Gold price surges to a yet another all time record high today well over $1500 an ounce this is a fresh new high for the gold at around $1518 an ounce, while silver continues to be the stoner surging more than 5 per cent to within a whisker of its all-time peak of 50 dollars an ounce ,Silver hits 49.82 oz only 50 cents from the all time record of 50.35 dollars an ounce marked January 18, 1980. At the New York market and the futures contract jumped to $ 49.82, just 50 cents from record high. Since the beginning of this year the Silver sees an increase of 60%. as the dollar continued its free fall and inflation continues to worry , experts say it is going to continue to be a bullish scenario for the precious metals as long as we continue to see this kind of fiscal policy in the United States low interest rates high debt and the FED flooding the markets with newly printed US dollars...the markets are Still very very Bullish for Precious Metals , trade your paper money for hard assets while you still can....

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