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Friday, December 30, 2011

Chris Duane on the Financial Survival Network - Dec 30, 2011


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mike Maloney - Debt Collapse & $20,000/oz Gold

Debt Collapse - $20,000 Gold - Mike Maloney On Gold and Silver & Economics .a must see for anyone holding any form on 'currency'! Mike Maloney inspired me to start a Gold & Silver Collection to preserve my wealth! Priceless information Thank you for your awesome wisdom Mike!! Your saving millions of people's financial futures! I bought his book in 2008...bought my first round of PM's after finishing. Since then, I have read it two more times. There is such an incredible amount of information...like many others, I feel indebted to this man for offering his knowledge.I figured that ounces of gold that the US government has to the True Money Supply is $23,734 per ounce.I don't think of the bank balances as money the same as notes and coins because if if the actual reserves aren't there, the bank defaults on withdrawal obligations. What fractional reserve does is increase the velocity of money. It increases the supply of credit and it's really bad.Inflation is not even a problem for people who understands that today's money is WORTHLESS, you DO NOT under ANY circumstance save MONEY, you invest money in value (eg. gold, stocks, real-estate and whatnot). The only money you should have is to cover your cash-flow,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gold & Silver - The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

From 1880 to 1914 the world was on the Gold Standard. From 1914-1944 the world had a mix of fixed asset currency countries and fiat countries. From 1944-1971 we had the Bretton Woods System. From 1971 until today we have had the Dollar Standard. We are starting to see some cracks in the current system. Get "Guide to investing in Gold and Silver" by Mike Maloney and read it as fast as possible! Always do your own due diligence but buy whatever physical silver you can afford NOW! You also need a few months supply of canned foods and water. There is so much preperation needed. Times are getting very bad very quickly in my opinion.

Why would anyone want U.S. dollar or Bonds right now.There is NO financial solution, they're only hope is for the FED to print more dollars which is deflation in dollar value & in inflation of all items. What's backing the dollar? NOTHING! There is NO GOLD the FED has admitted. The only thing the U.S. has propping up the dollar is OIL that's why there on a crusade all over the middle east & Africa. This is why there going to invade IRAN at the cost of nuclear war.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marc Faber : Gold not in a Bubble

Marc Faber : “I don’t hear about gold. I lived through the last gold bubble between 1978 and January 1980. The whole world, whether you were in the Middle East or in Asia or Europe or in America was trading London gold, buying and selling every day,” Marc Faber told Financial Sense Newshour on a Dec. 07 interview “This has not happened yet, and it hasn’t happened. Your friends, the deflationists, have been telling people that gold will collapse to $200 an ounce for the last 10 years and that it was in a bubble. [They] said it [gold] was in a bubble at $500; they said it at $600, and they’re still maintaining it. So a lot of people they don’t own it; they bought it and sold it again. But in the meantime, gold has moved into sold hands.” - in an FSN Interview

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gold Falls to 6 Weeks Low and Could Drop Lower

Gold has the largest one-day drop in three months so what's going on ? : "... so from this point forward it doesn't look like it's going to be a very merry Christmas. the bulls are starting to run for the doors and, you know, the bears might be leading this parade right now for the short term ..."says Anthony Neglia, Tower Trading president. "The short term trend is bearish and could play a role into the end of the year," he explains

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gold held its value throughout the ages

James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation,interviews Johann Saiger, Who is the editor of "Midas Investment Report" and "Midas Gold and Precious Metals Report". Those two newsletters have become an indispensable guide for many private and well-known institutional investors in German speaking countries of the world. Now also available in English.In this interview Johann Saiger gives his view on the current economic situation from the inflation or deflation view point.His outlook for gold , why he does not believe that gold could be in any form of a bubble , He also discloses some short-term investment recommendations.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gold Price about to Explode from here

Rich Ilczyszyn, chief market strategist and founder, iiTrader gives his outlook for Gold and where he thinks it is headed , "well listen , i think we hit a little bit of resistance today, but i have to say 18, 19, $2,000 an ounce, probably happening next year...listen, these are the levels we are looking at now. if you look at u.s. policy i would guess that in first quarter of next year we may expand our balance sheets again a little bit, weakening the dollar. i think everyone is ready to jump on that trade. i think gold is a good way to hedge yourself." He said "i think every investor should have a little bit of gold in their portfolio. I'm not just talking about my position. I think this is a good hedge. it's also a good investment" He added "anyone who is long here should be cognizant of the concept that this is a microenvironment or macro environment" He explains

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gold Prices Soar on Liquidity Boost

Gold Prices Soar today boosted by fears of the debt risks in Europe and the U.S. and as the Federal Reserve, the ECB European Central Bank and 4 other central banks announced a coordinated move to cut the cost of U.S. dollar swaps by half a percentage point, making it cheaper for banks to borrow US dollars and hence increasing liquidity in the markets which is an inflationary move and very bullish for safe heaven assets like gold and Silver.Spot gold rose more than 2 percent to $1,749.54/oz its highest since November 17th .

Monday, November 28, 2011

Invest in GOLD , the only Real Asset

Always remember that whatever is printed on a paper is worth the paper it is printed on , including your cash , Paper is worthless , sure Gold recently is behaving badly and it is down 17 percent from its peak , but it is still up 20 percent this year and that's a lot better than most of the stocks out there DO NOT BUY PAPER or certificates or options or store funds in the banks (aside from immediate living expenses). Only buy gold or silver for delivery in hand and buy a fireproof safe to store it in at home. Banks are already stealing customer deposits/funds (with govt approval) so do not be fooled. Buy the real deal and store it safely at home.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

James Turk Gold outlook 23rd Nov 2011

James Turk : today being a thanksgiving holiday (in the US ) the markets are very quite says James Turk who believes that there is still the potential of seeing gold at $2000/oz before the end of this year because there is so much potential buying power there is a lot of money waiting on the side line , gold could pop up very quickly as we saw during the last August , but if we do not see $2000/oz before the end of this year we will see it in the first quarter of 2012

Bix Weir outlook for Gold & Silver Market

Kerry Lutz - Interviews Bix Weir - November 23, : The federal reserve are the anti gold standard organization says Bix Weir , whether the IMF owns any gold they refuse to disclose the location of any of their alleged gold holdings nobody really knows , same with the FED

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Physical Gold possession is key says Jürg Kiener

Jürg Kiener, MD & CIO of Swiss Asia Capital, Singapore, says moving cash into Gold physical possession is key...it is Strategic....." people are going to jump from the fire into the volcano Jürg says structurally we are going to see and more money flow into asset protection , Gold is the most strategic asset from the money point of view he added

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gold down below the $1700 mark

The price of gold down the Comex in New York, bullion for delivery in December down to $ 1,677.20. Silver is also down to $31.56 . CNBC's Bertha Coombs discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.commodities price drop (gold/silver) is basically investors trying to accumulate cash to buy treasuries for safety. This has everything to do with gov and bank default scare and not safety against fiat. ...But why are we talking about bank failures? Last time we had a banking crash gold and silver completely pooped along with everything else. So what does the physical investor do? Buy big on this drop this could be your last chance

Sunday, November 20, 2011

James Turk on the MF Global collapse

James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation,says that Gold is undervalued and he talks about the MF Global collapse and its implications on the gold market particularly on the futures market, there is not enough money to save the Euro says James Turk , they made a mistake at the beginning when they decided to bailout any country that goes into trouble ,they did that in order to try to keep the banking system afloat ,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Central banks to raise its purchases of gold to the highest level in 40 years

Central banks to raise its purchases of gold to the highest level in 40 years over concerns for the Eurozone crisis and currency turmoils worldwide :
World Gold Council said that the world's central banks raised their purchases of gold in the third quarter of this year to its highest level in 40 years with the sharp decline in the price of gold during September / September last highs above $ 1,900 an ounce (an ounce). According to the newspaper, the Middle East, the net purchases of gold from central banks during the third quarter of this year, 148.4 tons of gold which exceeded estimates which had been announced earlier and the form of a surprise to some traders. The rejection of the World Gold Council, which issued a quarterly report yesterday identifying the names of central banks, which bought the bulk of these purchases because of the «restrictions of confidentiality» governing trading world gold market, but bankers in London said that some of the central banks of countries that have financial surpluses grabbed the opportunity to decline gold to diversify its investments away from risky assets. The central bank purchases of gold rose to its sales last year, and for the first time in two decades as banks throughout that period, sell more than buy. These purchases have led recently to the price of gold to about 1920.3 dollars an ounce, more than 600 per cent for the price 10 years ago. The last two years have witnessed an increase in central bank purchases of gold by banks to the direction of the yellow metal as a safe haven for cash reserves in light of disorder exchange markets. The amount of gold purchased by central banks during the period from July to September last, which is 148.4 tons, is the largest since 1988 when I was purchasing 180 tonnes. Furthermore, gold settled yesterday after falling 1 percent in the previous meeting in Singapore, as the market remains concerned about the debt crisis of the euro area with the continued political wrangling in the region. The argument broke out between France and Germany on whether the European Central Bank to intervene more forcefully to stop the debt crisis accelerated, while the bond market turbulence extends to the various countries of Europe, raising the concern of investors. A trader in Hong Kong «U.S. dollar is strong and there seems to be a good solution for Europe». The «technical picture looks weak, gold may not exceed $ 1800 soon». Gold rose in the spot market 0.2 per cent to 1765.20 dollars an ounce by 07:13 GMT away from the lowest level in a week's record of $ 1753.39 the day before yesterday (Wednesday). Gold fell U.S. 0.4 per cent to 1766.60 dollars.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Andy Hoffman : the physical metals will see all time high prices

Ranting Andy Hoffman talks about Derivatives, the MF Global debacle, silver and gold price outlook and the current events. andy says that he is now 100 percent switched to bullion , the physical metals will see all time high prices , the sovereigns of the world are rushing out of The Dollar . People have lost lot of money in the paper market .... I'm glad there are those that keep telling people to buy and hold precious metals themselves. This tactic has been proven down through the ages as sound policy. But most people will never listen. derivatives are just instruments to gamble upon the real underlining assets, they have no merit on the value of the real assets, bank of america has gambled to the point of 7 trillion in these gambling instruments. so bank of america is bankrupt, just dont invest in bank of america, anyone that has ties to bank of america will obviously be screwed also. doesnt mean the whole market is shit its just a select few of poorly managed companies.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gold will continue to move higher on Europe Debt Crisis & QE3 - Michael Dudas

The Gold bull run continues today as worries over Europe's debt problems lifted the price. Michael Dudas, Sterne Agee precious metals/mining analyst. gives his outlook for the Gold market "sue, i believe so. technically there's a very good support for gold moving higher. fundamentally i think the market still is concerned about zero interest rates in the united states, negative real interest rates here, and the fact that though the fed did signal maybe a potential in QE3 you're also going to have a sense of the ECB easing given the sovereign debt issues there. a lot of excess liquidity is going to come into the marketplace. i think continue to support gold on a fundamental basis." Michael Dudas says

Monday, November 7, 2011

The coming QE3 will boost Gold and Silver prices

Gold and Silver to Remain Good Performers , Jeremy Friesen, commodity strategist at Societe Generale, discusses how QE3 will help gold and silver.Gold strangest weakness is that it is very liquid it is still one of the biggest performers in the year so there is always the risk that some people will take out the profit after the strong rally we saw this year , Jeremy thinks that QE3 is on the table prior to 2012 , we will see more monetary easing all these things are ultra bullish for Gold and Silver .....

Friday, November 4, 2011

John Rubino interview by Kerry Lutz 11-3-11

Author John Rubino on how to profit from currency devaluation and his outlook for the global economy and the gold prices , John Rubino is publisher of DollarCollapse.com, a popular online hub for news impacting the economy. John is the author of several well-received books fortelling years in advance the collapse of the housing market and the decline of the US dollar, he is also the co-author, with GoldMoney's James Turk, of The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit From It (Doubleday, 2007), and author of Clean Money: Picking Winners in the Green-Tech Boom (Wiley, 2008), How to Profit from the Coming Real Estate Bust (Rodale, 2003) and Main Street, Not Wall Street (Morrow, 1998). After earning a Finance MBA from New York University, he spent the 1980s on Wall Street, as a Eurodollar trader, equity analyst and junk bond analyst. During the 1990s he was a featured columnist with TheStreet.com and a frequent contributor to Individual Investor, Online Investor, and Consumers Digest, among many other publications. He currently writes for CFA Magazine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bullish on Gold on the FED QE almost certainly coming out

Gold falls for the third straight day, now down over 1%,but the coming QE which is almost a certainty is a very bullish signal for Gold , gold prices in Euros today are staring to break out so you will start seing more of the momentum players coming to gold

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gold & Silver Outlook after the Eurozone Debt Deal

The coin dollar will just be made out of some cheap metal. That news story has nothing do with gold or silver!!! Just imagine if the mint was distributing silver coins... there would not be one of those bags sitting in storage. I give them 3 years max to play on this carousel. The IMF is already talking of increasing the bail out fund for Europe to $5 Trillion & they haven't even spent this weeks money. The German public is screaming that Germany is going to use it's Pension fund as a source of funding for the bail outs. The giant vacuum has started on the FIAT mess, Every country in the world now has to print money, it's a race now. If they don't print then their money is going to me worth too much & hurt their exports. The Race To The Bottom has started!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bix Weir gold and silver prices are headed to the Moon

Bix Weir live from the Silver Summit , He explained the precious metal manipulation by the mega banks , why you should take advantage of these dips and load as much physical gold and silver as you can possibly afford the prices are going to the stratosphere and there is no stopping them once they take off , Bix is always fun to listen to, as his words and manner are quite encouraging The main thing is, it's playing out in front of our eyes now. Buy silver if you can,if you have the silver in your hand YOU have lost nothing and if you have it in the paper silver take delivery NOW!...at this point one can do the cost averaging or dont think about the price right now buy what you can afford..The leading banksters will lose nothing when the banks go down, only the bond holders & people will lose. They've made their money. The destruction of the banks, in fact, could allow them to hide their fraud. When the new gold based system is created, they will make a fortune with all the gold they bought and they will control it. He who owns the gold rules. Greenspan was knighted so he's following the satanist plan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greg McCoach Gold & Silver prices are going to the stratosphere

Greg McCoach Interview Live at the Silver Summit , Kerry Lutz interviewes Greg McCoach of Amerigold.com at the Silver Summit in Spokane Washington. Greg talks about the frustration of young people the riots we see on a daily basis in Europe , we are on the verge and America is not immune from this general malaise , the 2 party system have catastrophically failed the American people says Greg there is only Ron Paul that can bring some hope . is an adherent to the Austrian School of Economics and foresees a monumental collapse in the offing. He understands what’s going on and helps us to gain insight into what steps to take to protect our families and our wealth. He’s an accomplished and highly polished speakers and we were fortunate to catch him for an interview.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dominic Frisby interviews Nick Laird - 18 October 2011

Master charter Nick Laird talks to Dominic Frisby about his outlook for the gold market , Gold has a safe heaven status says Nick . They talk about the recent correction in the price of gold from all time nominal highs of 1.923$ per troy ounce and discuss the implications. Dominic points out that there hasn't been a 20% drop in the price of gold since 2008. Gold is not money it is a store of wealth says Nick Laird

Sunday, October 23, 2011

TSA to start Searching for Gold & Silver - Alex Jones

According to independent radio host Alex Jones the TSA has now started searching for gold and silver coins and bars and starts asking questions about them although they are minted by the US government (most of them are anyways ) obviously the American government wants to make it harder for the American people to own or transport gold and silver coins and bars they want everybody to invest their money in the stock market and have their money in the banks so that they can steal all your wealth bring you to your knees and make you dependent on the central state and beg for its protection ..this is really sick , but you can still put all your money in gold and silver bury it somewhere where nobody knows about and forget about it until the SHTF

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eric Sprott : The market has determined that gold is the reserve currency

Eric Sprott :..based on the evidence that we all see of the massive amount of silver buying vis a vis Gold where people are putting almost as many dollars in silver as they are putting in Gold but the price is fifty times different yet the same amount of money is going in and the availability for investment is in a ratio of about : there is twenty times more gold in dollars to buy than there is in silver dollars to buy for investment yet the money is going in a one to one , I know it is some kind of mathematicians but that cannot carry on something is going to give here so that's why I think that the silver price in the next decade will do better , I believe that the market has determined that gold is the reserve currency it outperformed everything by a wide wide range not even close to been comparable to anything

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society officially launched RMB-denominated spot transaction today

Hong Kong starts trading gold in Yuan .They've decided to move completely away from the dollar. Smart move.The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society officially launched RMB-denominated spot transaction gold products on Oct. 17. It became the first RMB-denominated spot trading market in the world.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Silver is the best way to generate wealth - Chris Duane

Kerry Lutz Interview with The Silver Shield Chris Duane 10-13-11 : despite of all the manipulation that's going on Silver is still the best way to generate wealth says Chris Duane . Chris just released his latest project, The Ultimate Exit Strategy! Junk silver has nothing of junk it is real wealth and it is the best way to invest in Silver

Bob Chapman : Gold is the only currency in the world that have survived

Bob Chapman : There is two reason why Gold went up , one it is the only currency in the world that have survived , there have been millions of different currencies they did not survive , and silver survived but historically it has more abundant than gold so it did not play the premier role that gold has but it may in the future because production is changing , you do not want to own currencies because historically everybody that have owned them have lost money lost wealth ...the other reason why gold went up is because of inflation....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gold bullish short term & long Term

Despite the massive sell off today the fundamentals for Gold remain rock solid , they sell we buy , because they see gold as a speculative investment we see gold as money the only money that preserves its value over time , paper is just an illusion , let them keep accumulating paper assets cash bonds stocks we will keep accumulating real assets gold and Silver and thanks for the discount by the way , Peter Turville-Ince, Head of Commodity & Equities Strategy at Compass Global Markets, believes that gold prices will continue to rise, and the volatility surrounding the gold market will subside.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Physical Gold demand increases in China & Asia with every pullback in the prices

The Recent pull back in gold is a reaction of the severity of the global financial situation says Albert Cheng, Managing Director, Far East, World Gold Council, , everybody was looking for liquidity , on the longer term the fundamental is still looking very good , the long term trend has not been changed , we see physical demand for Gold in Asia increasing whenever there is this kind of pullbacks he added , China is a key driver in global demand for gold and jewelry , Demand for Physical Gold increases in China and Asia with every pullback in the prices

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Golden Opportunity to buy Gold is back

Indian are buying more physical gold during this Diwali season when gold is given as gifts , Yes the golden opportunity is back this festive season as the gold prices hit a new low after the prices shot through the roof.Indian Gold Price Close to 30000 In Front of Diwali 2011 . Gold shopping for Gold Jewellery craze in Diwali . India is the second largest consumer of Gold in the world., and Indians have one of the highest per capita gold reserves in the world....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peter Schiff : The fundamental case for owning gold and silver is stronger than ever

Peter Schiff : I just anted to reassure everybody that I believe that the fundamental case for owning gold and silver is stronger than ever in fact the recent price decline simply adds further support I believe to the decision tobuy gold and silver , if you have already bought some you can take advantage of the decline and buy more , and if you have not bought any at all may be you thought the train already left the station it has turned around given you a second chance ...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Marc Faber : Gold Price Could Fall to $1100 an ounce

Dr Boom Gloom and Dom Marc Faber told CNBC this morning that he expects Gold to continue to fall "We overshot on the upside when we went over $1,900," he said "We're now close to bottoming at $1,500, and if that doesn't hold it could bottom to between $1,100-$1,200." he added , so may be we won't see the $2000/oz this year as expected , Dr Marc Faber said that he will purchase more gold in a couple of days , so use these god given dips wisely and load on gold and silver , although the price might not recover quickly as he said ....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Frank Barbera explains what is going on in Gold & Silver Market

Frank Barbera : The Central Banks are getting more and more desperate it does not seem that there is anything that can take the precious metals down except CME margin requirement hikes , the declines have been very concentrated in very short periods of times these are excellent discounts that gold and silver hoarders should take advantage of ,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chinese Investors attracted to High purity Gold

The Chinese Authorities have released the first national standards on "high pure gold," a move that is likely to boost the country's gold consumption."High pure gold," as it is called in the standards, refers to the gold with purity of 99.999 percent, or "five nines," and is also the highest purity so far Generally speaking, a gold ornament with an amount of metal reaching 99 percent is called "pure gold," and more than 99 percent is called "thousand pure gold." Currently in the Chinese market, the highest purity level of a gold ornament usually reaches 99.99 percent, or "four nines." With the purity of 99.999 percent, the "high pure gold" used to be used in high-tech industry, such as aerospace. It requires a higher quality of the raw material and a more complicated technological craft. There's been no end to Chinese investors' appetite for gold in recent months. And now, an added lure - investors can buy not just 99.9 percent gold, but 99.999 percent - even purer than before. - source CCTV

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peter Grandich - GATA Gold Rush 2011

This interview was recorded in London on August 6th 2011. Peter Grandich, was interviewed by James Turk discussing gold, the S&P Downgrade, the future of America, silver, the GATA Gold Rush 2011 London conference the US Treasury bubble and that no debt crisis is ever solved by adding more debt and more. Peter is the author and founder of the internationally followed blog "The Grandich Letter."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gold Prices to Keep Climbing

In trading gold investors need to retain a sense of history. Gold was pegged at $32 an ounce from the end of WWII until 1971 when the US went off the gold standard. It rose to over $600 an ounce in 1980 until falling precipitously to the $200 range where it remained for twenty years. The current price of gold is based in part on fundamentals and weakened economies and in part on fear of a global financial meltdown. If a trader gets caught in a highly leveraged futures position just as EU and US officials solve their debt dilemmas trading gold could be the least profitable trade of a lifetime. In short, watch technical analysis and hedge risk with options is often the best advice. Trading gold on the Comex has entered a new era as gold futures rose over $1,600 an ounce recently. As twin debt crises plague the two largest economies in the world investors are looking for safe havens as a means of hedging investment risk. Trading gold has always been a means of hedge inflation risk and a refuge in times of political crisis, economic chaos, and war. Gold bullion futures are traded on the Comex, one of two branches of the New York Mercantile Exchange, NYMEX. Billions of dollars of precious metals, agricultural commodities, and energy products are handled by the NYMEX.

Friday, September 9, 2011

David Morgan : Gold Prices Can Still Reach $2,000

Investor demand is still strong for gold despite recent volatility and Wednesday's steep selloff , what's going on is a wait and see says David Morgan , fundamentally you should own gold , the fundamentals have not changed untill the financial house gets in order on a global basis , having said that you are going to see probably more volatility going forward says David Morgan ....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gold to Hit $2000 an Ounce on the Short Term

Gold hovers around the psychological level of $1900 on European debt woes , after it has reached an all time high yesterday night at around $1920 before puling back this morning of the news from Switzerland about the Swiss Central Bank imposing a ceiling on its Swiss Frank , some big investors had to sel some gold in order to recover the losses on the Swiss franc, but Gold is now back around $1900.David Lennox, resources analyst at Fat Prophets, says he's given up on setting a year end target for gold and believes that the current price is a psychological barrier to break through with the news at hand.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Peter Schiff : Gold is the Last Haven Standing

Peter Schiff : “Fortunately, gold doesn't have a central bank, so it can rise as fast as the dollar falls …That is why gold is doing so phenomenally well, and why it should continue to do so.” - in www.advisorone.com

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gold prices soar on the worst job report in nearly a year

David Morgan : I think we are definitely going to test that level soon ($1900/oz) Gold is reflecting a lot of uncertainty in the market place , if QE3 is announced it may bolster the gold stories , I am looking for a good pop in silver may be a two dollars move or something like that says David

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gold is up 150% since late 2008

The savvy hedge fund players are cashing in on the gold rush.Hedge funds are using gold as a curb against sharp moves and also as a swiftly appreciating long holding , one reason Gold can rise indefinitely unlike the Yen or the Swiss franc for example both of which are popular positions right now , the yellow metal is immune fro,m central bank metaling that contempt upward swings since late 2008 Gold is up 150 percent

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rush to the GLD

Gold is up nearly 30% today. there's been a rush to the GLD. exchange rated fund, up around 50% this year. Bob Mipisani shows us the unprecedented access he got at the GLD vault. it was an incredible array of gold A look at where gold prices are headed and who are the largest buyers of the precious metal, with Jason Toussaint, World Gold Council "it's important to note there is a big dichotomy where that demand is coming from. there is constraint and supply coming to the market. secondly, if we look at the difference between developed markets and investors and u.s. and europe, they're turning to gold as a store of wealth, safe haven asset and looking to store that wealth through time. particularly in markets in India and china, an economic prosperity story. certainly through the last decade, we're looking at 9% above GDP growth estimates for both of these markets, there is a huge wealth creation effect going on. we know both cultures have strong affinities to gold and now decreasing discretion area income and taking more gold off the market." says Jason Toussaint,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gold Rush : the wholesale jewelry industry

About half of all of the gold in the world actually ends up as jewelry and for some investors, that's the way to go. own physical gold. Lafayette, Louisiana, is the home of stoler, the largest wholesale jewelry manufacturer in the united states. and what a home a 600,000 square foot facility, 1200 employees strong. this is where it all begins. gold is brought here in the form of these big gold bars and they weigh 400 ounces a piece and some of it is melted down to the bars sold to individual investors and the rest is combined with this gold from the manufacturing processes. all of it is destined for the melt house. only 60% of the supply of gold in the world comes from mines and the other 40% comes from people melting it down. melted gold, recyclable is 40% of the supply right now

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peter Spina interviewed by James Turk on Gold and Silver

James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, interviews Peter Spina, CEO of GoldSeek.com, about his views and outlook for the gold and silver market the monetary market , how he started Goldsek in 1995 to become one of the most visible preciouse metals websites on the internet ....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marc Faber : Gold is the most honest form of cash

Marc Faber :  "I'm not certain that people should buy gold today because we have a huge run in precious metals recently and they need to consolidate or shake out the weak holder. I would expect the correction in gold to occur. I think that everybody should have some gold if they want to own some cash because gold is the most honest form of cash people can own" "well, it's (ETFs) a claim on physical gold. i prefer if investors hold physical gold in a safe deposit box ideally outside of the u.s. in various locations, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada. " "I think it's important in today's very uncertain world to diversify not only the various asset classes, in other words equities, bonds, gold, real estate and also the custody of your assets should be in different jurisdiction , I don't trust anyone" - in CNBC 23 Aug 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

James Turk & James McShirley on The 1% and 2% rules for the gold price

James Turk, Director of GoldMoney Foundation interviews James McShirley, President of the Allied Building Center about the 1% and 2% rules for the gold price and his outlook for Gold market and the gold price manipulation from a statistical point of view ,both agree that GATA' is right about the Gold Market manipulation

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gold Breaks yet another record today above $1900/oz

Gold is now a whisker away from reaching the psychological threshold of $ 2,000 an ounce. The yellow metal for immediate delivery has, in fact, updated once again its all-time high in the Asian markets reaching the value of $ 1,894.80.Gold could just shoot up to 2000, yet I believe gold will have a pull back before going after 2000. The dollar used to be the safe haven currency. But the dollar has been replaced with gold .I think most people buying gold (physical) after 2008 bought it not as a commodity, but as a store of value. So why should these people suddenly consider to sell it? Maybe paper will be sold off to get physical instead, than the "official" price will drop (maybe even to $100) but you will not be capable to get any gold at all. Even at $5000 I would not sell mine. What should I do with the money, just put it into an account? Buy stocks? I am already loaded with stocks, more than i like...

Bob Chapman : $8000 GOLD : $3000-$3200 by next February

Bob Chapman : well you heard the song up up and away . that's just the way it is going to be , one of the psychological aspects of this and these people are very good at this , JP Morgan Chase came up a couple of days ago and said Gold is going to $2500 by the end of the year , here there are with the largest short position , naked short position in silver and silver usually runs with Gold , what are they up to ? , what they are up to is this : they are trying to set up a barrier at $2500 because they think on the short term before the end of the year it could go higher than that , they are trying to set a psychological new ceiling , it is just common sense and understanding the criminal mind , if you want to find out what they are doing you have to think like a criminal ...that's what they are trying to do here , they are not frightened about gold they know it is going to $8000 , they are just as smart as we are , but they want it to go as slowly and incrementally as possible

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marc Faber : Physical gold in a safe deposit box is the safest

Marc Faber : “The function of paper money is to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, to be a store of value and a unit of account — the U.S. dollar fails on all three,” “Intelligent people, instead of holding cash in U.S. dollars with zero interest rates, why not hold money in gold and silver?” And as a currency, gold should be held in its physical form and not in shares of gold miners or even exchange-traded funds. That would rule out popular vehicles such as SPDR Gold Trust or iShares Gold Trust Be sure to store your gold in banks in Switzerland, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia — just not in the U.S., Faber said. “Physical gold in a safe deposit box is the safest,” . “Forget about huge capital gains. I would look at capital preservation. I want to preserve my capital. Faber added - in MarketWatch

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chinese Rush for Gold as Prices Climb

Gold prices are climbing as nervous investors around the world seek a safe way to preserve their wealth. Global gold prices are pushing record highs as investors shun risk.But rising prices aren't deterring Chinese investors--who are buying up large quantities of the precious metal. The trend is likely to continue, as experts say the price of gold will climb higher. Not only for the Chinese gold has always had a timeless appeal. And since the world markets are on shaky legs, the Chinese investors increasingly put their money in gold . Since investors want to avoid the risks of other investments, with gold prices now reaching record levels. Gold has always carried a timeless appeal in China--but even more so as panic grips global markets and Chinese investors seek out the precious metal as a way to preserve their wealth. Despite high prices, demand in China's jewelry stores is high. Customers of the jewelers see gold as a good investment. "Because stock prices fall, and there is no better way to invest, gold for us probably the safest investment." says one Chinese buyer Chinese economists believe that the price will continue to rise, "The monetary system is still in crisis. And in the future it could be worse. So I am assuming that the gold price will rise for a long time. " says Gold expert Liu Shan'en . Some stores are already sold out on gold bars, where the customers are already in the morning lining up before the shops open .With soaring prices, gold jewelry stores in China have become hot spots. In some stores, gold bullion has reportedly sold out--with customers queuing outside before they opened."The currency system has not yet passed its gloomy period and things may go worse in the future. In this case, I personally think that gold price will experience a long-term rise."says Gold expert Liu Shan'en. A gold investor said, "Gold was only 215 yuan a gram a few years ago. Now the price has nearly doubled. I think gold retains value though, and it has been appreciating. It is worth investing." Gold retailers are laughing all the way to the bank. Some are even enjoying sales up 70 percent from a year ago.

Friday, August 19, 2011

China & India account for half the Gold Market

Is Gold is still cheap ? "Gold is lot of things to a lot of different people but I think there is a tendency in the US and the Western world to disparage it as something conspiracy theorists who think the US is a Zionist conspiracy and bury it in the ground with their cans of tuna. But gold is seen differently in Asia to how it is viewed in the rest of the world and you only have to see how much of it there is around," Tony Morri, senior strategist at Nomura says

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peter Schiff : The Bubble is not in Gold , The Bubble is in US Treasuries

Peter Schiff : " The Bubble is not in Gold , The Bubble is in US Treasuries , the number of people buying gold is tiny compared to the number of people who are buying treasuries , but the point is even though so few people are buying gold look at how much the prices are gone up imagine what will happen to the price of gold when all those fools who are rushing into the treasury market because they think it is the safe heaven what's will happen when they will realize that that's not a safe heaven and everybody starts trying to buy Gold , imagine what's going to happen then to the price of gold , because it is gone up the way it is when only a very small fraction of the investment community and of the general public is buying the overwhelming majority are just foolishly buying US treasuries following the blind over the edge of a cliff "

The World Gold Council Q2 gold demand trends report

Discussing the World Gold Council's Q2 gold demand trends report and a look at where gold may go from here, with Marcus Grubb, The World Gold Council "it is at a new high. we released a new report with a strong high. we saw a very strong performance from India and China, strong jewelry demand as well in the second quarter. we don't believe gold is in a bubble." "absolutely. you have seen strong bar demand and join demand up about 13%. largely that's been in india and china this time around. partly on the back of high inflation figures in both of those countries. also, i think -- demand for physical gold. to hold physical gold in the difficult economic times in western countries. in particular in Europe and united states."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011 Outlook for Gold and Silver by Nick Barisheff

Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of Bullion Management Group on Lang and Oleary Exchange discusses Gold and Silver markets outlook for 2011 . BMG is a precious metals mutual fund, they hold physical gold silver platinum. on a mutual fund your commitment is $2500 to start and $500 per additional installment. 2011 Investment Outlook Luncheon Presentation by Nick Barisheff .Gold Outlook 2011: Irreversible Upward Pressures and the China Effect Gold Because its money that can't be printed and if the world monetary system collapses or gets severely devalued it will keep its value. The price is where it is because of money printing.Nick Barisheff explains why precious metals are best hedge coming double-digit inflation .Gold has outperformed every other asset class over the past decade and finally financial and mainstream media are starting to take notice. Nick offers insight that helps investors to understand the different methods to buying gold and in particular, why buy physical bullion.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gold is the ultimate Currency

Gold is money, Silver is more! Paper currency is TEMPORARY but GOLD is FOREVER.The same people that are saying that gold is expensive at $1700 are the same people that were saying that gold was expensive at $400 , these people focus on price and not on value they focus on gold as a commodity a speculative play or bet instead of looking at gold as a Currency , The ultimate Currency . They do not understand gold's value as insurance against the loss of purchasing power and the devaluation of paper currencies worldwide . The Banksters understand this ....the dollars is a fiat currency with no intrinsic value ...

<p><iframe width="360" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/YdFfIEntcMU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p>

Richard Nixon did the single most injustice to the United States of America. With the stroke of a pen by Nixon on August 25, 1971 has lead up down a path of ruination. 99% of America do not know that the end of the dollar is near. We must prepare ourselves for that inevitable day that the is gone. What is the time line for that day? No one really knows. Prepare now.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Peter Schiff : Gold headed to $10,000/oz

Peter Schiff : I am an unapologetic gold bull , I have been bullish on gold for ten years , and what's happening makes me more bullish because Europe is becoming more like the United States , what's Europe is saying is the nation that share the Euro Currency they will not be allowed to default no matter how much money they borrow the European bank will simply print Euros to pay it off , so they are going to inflate rather than default , they are going to make the Euro almost as weak as the dollar , now I might just have to say instead of going to $5000 may be Gold goes to $10000, Gold is safety it is money ...

Gold Outlook for 2011

Gold the ultimate reserve currency , Gold Price Per Ounce Predictions Over $2,000 by most investment ,analysts. Golds historic high is $2,400 if you adjusted for inflation based of 1980's gold price high. JP Morgan predicts $2,500 ounce, Bank of America Merell Lynch $2,000 ounce in next year. Whats is backing these predictions? Federal reserve - key interest rate low. to continue to 2013, quantitative easing, Trade deficit is now 4.4% or $53.1 Billion, 26.7 Billion with china alone. Chicago Mercantile Exchange raised margin requirements . In some parts of the world gold is viewed as the protector of wealth. In North America, gold is viewed as a speculative investment. Our economists regard a rising gold price as an admission of defeat, and their disparaging attitude toward higher gold prices took on a more desperate tone in 2010. Nevertheless, gold had another remarkable year, up 25% in 2010, its tenth straight annual gain. Meanwhile, over the same 10-year period, five major currencies -- the US and Canadian dollars, the euro, the British pound and the yen -- have lost between 70% and 80% of their value. In reality, gold is not rising; currencies are falling in value, and gold can rise as far as currencies can fall. Nick discusses the three dominant medium-term trends that pushed up gold prices in 2010 (central bank buying; movement away from the US dollar; China) as well as three longer-term, irreversible trends that will put upward pressure on the gold price for years to come (the aging population; outsourcing; peak oil). In addition to these trends, more and more investors will be competing to buy a shrinking gold supply. As safe-haven demand accelerates, there will be a transition from the $200-trillion financial asset market to the $3-trillion aboveground gold bullion market. About half of that $3 trillion is held by central banks as reserves; the remainder is privately held, and not for sale at any price. If the world's pension and hedge funds moved only 5% of their assets into gold, it would trade at over $5,000 per ounce. Nick's conclusion: Without any new financial crises, both mid- and long-term trends indicate that gold -- and silver -- will continue rising through 2011 and well beyond.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Peter Schiff : Silver has the best of both worlds

Peter Schiff : silver is up nine consecutive years I have been riding this bull since 1999 - 2000 , silver is kind the best of both worlds because it is an industrial metal and it is also a precious metal , so if you think the economy is growing you can buy silver and if you are afraid of inflation you can buy silver , it kind of has that element going for it , silver prices are rising for the same reason that oil prices are rising agricultural commodities , paper money is just losing value , it is losing value because central banks are printing too much of it , that's not going to stop

Saturday, August 13, 2011

John Embry : Gold headed for $3000/oz

John Embry : Well it could be, because as you go down the path to hyperinflation, it just means that money is being devalued at an ever greater rate. Gold, being real money, is priced in this devalued money. People just don't seem to grasp that it's not gold that's doing anything; it's the value of the money in which it's denominated that's driving the bus. It's going straight down and the price of gold ultimately will go straight up. Now having said all of that, you got to be careful what you wish for, because the societal impact of this could be very, very negative. I would just as soon be wrong, but my job is to analyze things and this is the way I see it. Well, I was bullish in the late 1990's and I was wrong. This is what got me involved with GATA because I started to analyze the situation more closely. When you discovered what the central banks were really doing in this space, leasing their gold and what have you, it all started to become very clear. As I mentioned in my talk yesterday at the conference, I don't think people recognize what weakened position the Western Central banks are in with respect to their gold reserves. As a result, I think, that the swing from supplying gold to the market, where the Western Central banks have been doing this great amounts for 15 years, now with the Eastern Central banks taking gold out of the market, and the Western Central banks being limited in what they can do going forward, this is an enormous change. That alone would have a significant upside impact on the price.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gold after the CME Margin Hikes

The Bull case is Europe is likely to handle its debt crisis by printing more money , to avoid default , which is inflationary , every western country is trying to debase its currency in order to boost their exports and devalue their debts , so that's a bull signal for Gold , but a healthy pullback is in order before heading higher and eventually hitting the historic mark of $2000/oz

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gold Rush in Thailand

Thailand is taking part in the global gold rush. There is so much demand for it that the Thai Gold Traders Association says some shops have run out.The ounce of gold hit the record of $1800 an ounce. The price keeps rising and makes gold an especially solid investment when compared with other volatile world commodities. Asia and especially India and China are seeing a Gold rush by the population , the premiums on the gold are betting higher and there is shortage of gold supplies in the markets ....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CME Raises Gold Margins 22% - Watch out for a correction

CME Raises Margins for Trading Gold Futures : The CME Group on Wednesday raised maintenance margins for trading Comex 100 Gold Futures by 22.2 percent, effective after the close of business on Thursday. reports CNBC today

Gold Sets Another Record over $1800/oz As the Stocks Tumble

Gold hits another all time Record in New York, where prices rose to $ 1,801 an ounce.The new black day in the markets favors the gold rush that has set another all time record high. The futures expiring in December quoted on the Comex in New York for the first time reached 1,800 dollars per ounce (up to 1800.40) and then retrace to $ 1,788 (+2.5%). Today, fears have been accumulating over France with the risk that some banks in difficulty could default . France is heavily exposed to the peripheral countries of the Eurozone debt .

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gold becoming the unofficial reserve currency again as people lose faith in the US Dollar

Central Banks turn to Gold as a safe Heaven , we likely going to see another round of Quantitative Easing and further weakness of the dollar , there is a crisis of confidence in the US government and in the currency , we are not seeing that immediately in the bonds as a flight to safety , what we are seeing is Gold becoming the unofficial reserve currency again as people lose faith in the US Dollar , this story is not going to end here at !700 we are going to see further strength in the price of Gold , Gold is under invested in portfolios , Gold represents a very small portion of China's foreign reserve exchange and that's likely to grow so they will use any weakness in the gold price to step in as well as other central banks across the globe says Steve O'Hanna, Investment Manager at Fat Prophets Funds Management

Monday, August 8, 2011

The US could Confiscate the European Gold : Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards : "I tell investors, Gold doesn't ever change value. what this is really telling us is that the dollar is going down. it's the inversion of the dollar. you know, the dollar may go down nominally. all the currencies are going down together against gold and i think that's the significant movement." Jim Rickards, Tangent Capital Partners senior managing director "well, I've been very bullish on the euro. partially because they have 10,000 tons of gold. we have 8,000 tons. they actually have more gold than we do. if you combine Europe, the united states and throw in the IMF for good measure, that's about 70% of all the official gold in the world. who is left out in the cold? the Chinese, Brazilians and the British don't have much gold. as the payroll currencies begin to collapse and you need to go back to a gold backed system which I expect in a matter of years , the people with the Gold , I call the US the Saudi Arabia of the Gold we are a super power in Gold , their Gold (the Europeans ) is in the United States so one of the scenarios ahead is the United States will confiscate European Gold it's what we have done before FDR 1933

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Those who live by the Dollar will vanish with the dollar , Buy Gold and Silver Now.

The price of gold for immediate transactions in U.S. currency at a new record above U.S. $ 1670 an ounce, boosted by worries about global growth and the debt crisis of the euro area. The price of spot gold of $ 1670 an ounce, up 0.6 percent during the day by at 08:55 GMT, after hitting a record high of 1672.65 dollars
Not only the movement of investors to buy gold only, but it also included the central banks. for example the Bank of Korea bought 25 tonnes of the precious metal reserves in order to diversify its reserves . The first
time in 13 years that this institution buys gold in Reaction of U.S. debt

It has become difficult to predict how long the range of movement of yellow metal, where he was expected to slow down , but it continued to break record highs several times in less than a week. The total gains of gold during the month of June was 11 percent , traditional factors are no longer sufficient to
understand the movement of gold, where high prices before the date of August 2 is attributed to the ability of the U.S. government to get approval to raise the debt ceiling U.S., but continued high prices,
even after this date make it easy to expect gold at $ 1800 per ounce in the short term , other factors supporting the price of gold, including the threat of the credit rating agencies to downgrade the U.S. credit score to less than AAA, this threat made a lot of investors turn to the yellow metal as a safe haven to secure their wealth and to escape the loss of the weak dollar and government bonds and this also included the threat of the default of some major European countries such as Spain and Italy. The purchases of Gold by the central banks of countries such as Kazakhstan, Thailand and South Korea contributed to the rise in effective demand for yellow metal markets, which pushed the price of an ounce to move beyond the level of 1673 USD , for example, the central
bank of South Korea purchased during the months of June and July nearly 25 tons of gold in an effort of diversification of its reserves and to avoid the risks of inflation in the coming period.

Gold the one and only safe heaven in times like these

" Gold is certainly the most obvious place , when there is any sign of uncertainty , people start to panic " "Gold has a real tangible value and people always flock to gold in times of uncertainty,It is an excellent investment in times like this it has a real value " " David Lowery, equity analyst at Faraday Research told CNBC. "It is an excellent investment in times like this as well because it does have a real value," he added.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gold yet another all time high record at $ 1,660/oz

It triggered a new record on the inevitable price of gold, the safe haven par excellence that is pushed upward for weeks by the climate of tension that is gripping the world markets. The ounce reached a peak at $ 1,640.9 on the platform of CME Group, up about $ 20 compared to yesterday's closing and setting a new record high. Gold is used by investors as a means to protect themselves from the turmoil that may affect the equity markets, as well as government bonds or foreign exchange markets.
Today the stock markets worldwide suffered sharp declines again, while tensions are recreated on bonds of different countries of the euro zone. Meanwhile in the U.S., if you are hoping for a lucky escape on the risks of default on payments due to an agreement on budgetary rules, it is feared a sharp slowdown of the economic recovery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gold New All Time Record High $1,637.50/oz

New all time record for gold today 29 July 2011 at $ 1,637.50 in New York - New record for gold of up to $ 1,637.50 in the New York market. The prices have then pulled back to around $ 1,630 an ounce

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gold new all time record at $1,631.20/oz today !!!

July 27 - New record for gold today that the New York market has reached 1,631,20 dollars an ounce.Record high in London too at , $ 1,628.05 . Gold has pulled back from the all time record high since but I won't be surprised that another all record high will be broken either tomorrow or in few days as most analysts expect one of the hottest summers for Gold ever ....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gold is going one way and one way only and that is Up Up and Up

Gold is going one way and one way only and that is Up Up and Up .says Owen Hegarty, Vice-Chairman & Executive Director at G-Resources, he also talks about various ways of investing in gold.Gold equities are going to have a very good run in the next few years he says they are probably going to outperform other equity markets , the supply of silver has calmed down there is certainly a shortage of silver and like gold he believes that silver has one way and one way only to go and that is up up and up , the gold supply from the mines has been in decline , Gold is very difficult to find

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gold hits $1,624/oz record high before pulling back

Gold prices reached new records in London and New York, and then slow down the pace with fluctuations above the threshold of $ 1,620 an ounce. It is now oscillating around $ 1,621 after reaching a record high of 1624.07 in London and the peak of 1624.30 in New York, in a market that is concerned about the difficult negotiations on the U.S. debt and the debt crisis of the Eurozone. There was a very sharp move higher on gold in early trading coming out of the weekend. It went close to vertical for the first 45 minutes of trading and hit a new high of $1,624/oz . Prices have pulled back from the highs, but are holding above the previous resistance/range.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Protests halt Gold mining in El Salvador

Canada's Pacific Rim mining company owns all the land around El Dorado in El Salvador - one of the most coveted gold mines in Central America.After activists block its mining permit, Canadian gold mining corporation is using a US free trade agreement to sue the government of El Salvador .These people have the right to make their own laws, even if they don't benefit the US. Imagine that.All Pacific Rim cares about is exploiting our resources and earning huge profits. They don't bring opportunities to my country! They bring misery! Low wage jobs under bad conditions. Along with a handful of engineers who will most definitely be foreigners. Sue the gov, I hope they show up with this innocent, simple and humbled woman who will stand up for her people and demand equality and will fight the destruction of our land.
Assassination of anti-mining resistance leader, Marcelo Rivera, sparks campaign of terror against activists

Friday, July 22, 2011

Andy Gause Real World of Money July 16, 2011

 Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system .Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He's written two books, "The Secret World of Money" and "Uncle Sam Cooks the Books".
~ Over the Counter Precious Metal Trading Changes.
~ How the Fed plays with Bonds

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The New Gold Fever

Gold panning fine gold how to in light sand and with micro gold Panning and prospecting for gold has become one of the most popular recreational hobbies today. It is possible for many people to actually pay for their gold panning and gold prospecting holidays by selling any of the gold nuggets they find. Many people who pan and prospect for gold are discovering why a simple pan is one of the most effective techniques in discovering and recovering small amounts of gold from a stream bed. Prospecting for gold is very much like being a detective in an old Mickey Spillane novel. When you discover those small flakes in your pan for the 1st time more often then not you will be bitten by the gold prospecting bug and you realize that these small glittering pieces of gold are the only clues leading you to the source of that gold and perhaps a huge mother load

More than 80% of the gold in the Mother Lode is still in the ground.

Gold is most commonly found and or mined in one of two kinds of deposits; Placer and Lode. Placer deposits are areas of free gold that have settled in pockets after being disturbed and moved by many years weather facilitated erosion. Lode is gold found in veins buried deep underground in quartz deposits. Placer gold is mined using panning, sluicing, or dredging. Lode is mined using conventional "deep shaft" hard rock.

1) Hold the pan just under the water and tilt it slightly away from you. Begin to swirl the water from side to side, with a slight forward tossing motion. Take care, but with sufficient force to move the surface and the lighter gravel out over the edge of the pan.
2) Leveling the pan from time to time and shaking it back and forth will cause the light material to come to the surface and the gold to settle to the bottom.
Repeat process 1 and 2 of step B until there is only about two cups of heavier material left in your pan. This material is usually called "black sand," or "concentrate."

A one-ounce gold nugget is more rare to find than a five-carat diamond.
The amount of gold nuggets being found in the world is less than one percent.

Even though gold is rare, it is far easier to find than winning a major lottery.
Because of its rarity, a gold nugget can be worth 2 to 4 times the value of the gold it contains.
Troy Weight

24 Grain = 1 Pennyweight
or 1.55 Gram

20 Pennyweight = 1 Ounce
or 31.10 Gram

12 Ounce = 1 Pound
or 373.24 Gram

Pure Gold (AU) = 24 Karat
or 1000 Fine

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

China buying Gold hand over fist

The Chinese worried about a possible U.S. default are buying gold and silver hand over fist . The Chinese rush to Gold alarmed by the fear of the U.S. default , Gold is The traditional safe by excellence in times of uncertainty in the currency markets, with the extreme volatility of bank stocks and the fear of sovereign debt defaults (those whose bonds were issued by domestic banks are likely to become toilet paper, what the rating agencies often classify - wrongly - with the name junk) , a true 'gold fever broke among the Chinese investors, with a surge in sales of bullion coins by more than 120% in the first quarter of 2011 on an annual basis. A trend that has pushed up the prices of the yellow metal over the threshold of $ 1,600 an ounce. To drive the demand of the market towards the safe haven par excellence is also the debt crisis of the euro area and the situation far from rosy in the U.S., where the Congress has not yet reached an agreement on raising the debt ceiling with the risk of debt default for the country.
This is why China is focusing on gold. For some time China was a net seller of gold , as well as being a major producer. According to the World Gold Council (WGC), together with India, the country where the demand for gold recorded the strongest growth rates globally. The demand in China is extremely strong, and one of the main factors that drive the market's fears is the rising inflation. Data in hand, in the first three months of 2011 the demand for gold coins and ingots in China amounted to 90.9 tons, an increase of 123% compared to 40.7 tons in the same period last year. In India, sales stood at 85.6 tons. Globally, in 2010 the demand for bullion coins stood under 1,200 tons. According to analysts, the 'gold rush of the Chinese market is a new phenomenon. "Only a few years ago, the Chinese would not have bothered to buy gold bars and coins. But now people will buy them, instead of jewels, as they have a higher value over time . For the Chinese to buy gold is a kind of insurance, they feel they have made a safe investment. Currently, the gold reserves amount to only 1, 6% of the total assets of China, but analysts view it is possible that the Bank of China starts to buy more gold. Especially given the uncertainty related to yields on the US Treasury bonds issued by the Fed, on which China has invested for years because it was believed to be the best way to "park" the money arising from the huge surpluses of their trade balance.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jim Cramer never late to get into GOLD

Mad Money host Jim Cramer says it's not too late for investors to get in on the precious metal especially Gold ...Jim Cramer "the average portfolio has 1% to 1.5%. do you come into gold here? i have heard over and over again. here is the problem with gold. people missed the move. it's clearly untrue. given the uncertainty in the euro and the dollar i don't think it's too late"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gold is Money Everything Else is Credit

Robert Ian : Gold is Money Everything Else is Credit , on July 13, 2011 Congressman Ron Paul questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in a U.S. House Financial Services Committee Meeting shortly after reports surfaced that the Federal Reserve was preparing for a third round of quantitative easing.

here is a transcript of the Q&A between Dr Ron Paul and FED chairman Ben Bernanke about Gold being money or not being money :
Paul: “Do you think gold is money?”

Bernanke: “No. It’s a precious metal.”

Paul: “Even if it’s been money for 6,000 years? Somebody reversed that and eliminated that economic law?”

Bernanke: “Well, you know, it’s an asset. Would you say treasury bills are money? I don’t think they’re money either, but they’re a financial asset.”

Paul: “Why do central banks hold it (gold) if it’s not money?”

Bernanke: “Well, it’s a form of reserves.”

Paul: “Why don’t they hold diamonds?”

Bernanke: “Well, it’s tradition. Long-term tradition.”

Paul: “Some people still think it’s money.”

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silver Better Bet than Gold says Peter Turville-Ince

Silver Better Bet than Gold says Peter Turville-Ince , Head of Commodity & Equities Strategy at Compass Global Markets, who is long-term bullish on silver.Gold prices in Euro and in British pound hit record highs for second consecutive day , Peter Turville-Ince prefers silver over Gold for the longer term


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