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Saturday, February 11, 2012

David Morgan : The rush to commodities...

Its not the price of gold silver that matter but rather how many ounces you own (in your possession). the CME is setting the Bait out again to attract more customers after having ripped them off last time with Margin rises, 5 of them in 8 DAYS! So now CME is lowering them again! "CME Cuts Gold, Silver, Platinum And Copper Margins" zerohedgeDOTcom/news/cme-cuts-­gold-silver-platinum-and-coppe­r-margins

Marc Faber : With money-printing, you never know what sector of the economy will be inflated

Marc Faber : "It is not that the gold price will go up. It is that the value of paper money will go down."
"Ten years ago we had relatively low inflation in the Western world. Now, with interest rates at zero, we have high asset valuations. Asset prices have gone ballistic in stamps, modern art, wine, you name it. Gold, silver, other commodities, equities in emerging markets, high-end real estate -- all have done well. When assets become like cash, it may be safer to hold your money in the bank. If asset prices collapse, you'll be better off in Treasury bills with zero yields. Then the central banks will print money and bail you out. At least you'll get your principal back. With money-printing, you never know what sector of the economy will be inflated. Maybe we have had profit inflation and there will be a severe correction. I don't expect corporate profits in the U.S. to collapse by more than 20% in the next 12 months."

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