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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boom time for Gold & Silver Miners

Boom time for Gold & Silver Miners .In recent years, increasing demand for mineral resources has pushed mining companies to go farther and deeper in search of new deposits.According to TrustedBullion, Mines in the United States produced 38,580,840 Oz in 2007 & 9,028,036 Silver Eagles were coined that year. Were those consumed? In 2009, 30,459,000 Eagles were coined. That's almost all of the output if production stayed the same as 2007. I suspect Silver Eagles are not the type of silver that gets consumed. The coining cost would be prohibitive. Entry levels mine jobs can pay up to 50K dollars a year even for someone right out of high school , They say the days when you could go from high school to a high--paying, blue--collar job are long gone. But there are places in the Northwest where those days still exist — that's if you're willing to work a mile underground. For gold and silver miners, it looks like boom times right now — rising salaries, more job opportunities. Even a recent lay off in north Idaho doesn't look like other lay offs. Jessica Robinson has this story that has seen the reverse side of the economic downturn. they can manipulate the price of gold and silver, but only for the short term. Eventually, the market will recognize the supply shortage and higher investment demand for both metal and revalue them higher.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jim Sinclair 5 major US banks will default this week

Breaking News: January 30, 2012. In this unedited interview with Ellis Martin and Jim Sinclair reveal a bombshill news regarding the impending default of 5 major US banks tomorrow or by the end of this week according to the ISDA International Swaps and Derivatives Association .Jim Sinclair, host of http://www.jsmineset.com/, gave in the past successful predictions about the gold price , US debt problems, how to ride the trend and the second phase of the gold bull. It's a gear change from arithmetic to exponential growth as public perceptions about the safety of the US dollar changes. The debt ceiling debate is a wake up call for people all over the world.

Gold Market will be boosted by the recent announcement of MF Global

The recent announcement of MF Global that they could not find the money lost will have a huge impact on the gold market , investors will pour into physical gold more people will buy gold as they lose faith in the paper and the futures market

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gold and Silver all set for a nice Rally in 2012

Gold and Silver Weekly Update - The Latest News on Precious Metals - 01/28/2012 , gold and silver nicely recovering and are all set for a nice rally in this year of 2012 , the big news this week is of course Iran starting to sell its oil not for US Dollars as it used to be but for GOLD , this is an extremely bullish trend for gold , add to it the decision of the FED to keep interest rates near zero untill 2014 and you have all the fundamentals for a very solid rally for gold and silver

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why the premium on silver is higher that that of gold

Gold Radio Cafe with Brad Yates from NTR Bullion Group - 01-27-2012 , Brad explains on a logistical point of view why is the premium on silver so much higher that that of gold and he explains why the recent FED's call is very bullish for gold and silver

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gold & Silver hit a 7 week High

Gold and Silver rallied to a 7 weeks high after the FED announcement that it will keep interest rates low for another 3 years until 2014 , the fact that the dollar continues to weaken gave support to gold too

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gold is up $44 today !!!

This Gold rally seems to have originated from the FED's meeting a and the outcome of the FOMC meeting and the Fed's pledge to hold rates low through 2014 .the pledge to hold rates low through 2014 pushing stocks higher , a lot of trader called this a quasi QE3

Explosion of physical Gold demand from China

There is an explosion in the the amount of physical gold buying around the world and especially in China. John Embry of Sprott Asset Management told mineweb recently : "You saw the number of the imports via Hong Kong into China for the last year - there were about 100 tonnes imported in November alone . If you think about that it's only about a 4,000 tonne market and in one month the Chinese import 100 tonnes. That's huge. They've been pretty forthright about saying and expressing their views on gold and other things and now they are taking action."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Marc Faber : The Gold Correction is not over yet

Marc Faber : Well I like it (Gold) yes , but I think the correction is not over yet , we had a big correction from the peak on September 6th when gold hit 1929 dollars we went down to around 1522 dollars at the end of December now we've rebounded over 1600 , I think we can have another leg down
if I were an investor or a saver I would buy (Gold) every month a little bit and not everything at the same time

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peter Schiff : buy Gold the demise of the Dollar is imminent

Peter Schiff : buy Gold the demise of the Dollar is imminent , gold is the real safe heaven "Obviously just look at it , look at the trend , Gold is over $1600 an ounce , the media always wants to focus on the attention on the fact that it is off the high , it is not at $1900 , but how often is a market at its absolute high ? it's not like markets don't correct , gold is off its record high by less than the Dow Jones yet nobody keeps pointing that out , when you look at the long term trend the most recent correction from the highs it does not violate any trend line " " I think gold is going much higher I think we are going to make new all time highs in 2012 and continue to move higher in 2013 - 2014 , it is a major major bull marker it got a long way to go and you have more naysayers than participants "

Peter Schiff – interviewed by this week in money (14 January 2012 ) about where he sees the US dollar going " the dollar is not strong , it certainly has been less weak than the Euro recently , but both currencies are weak , gold tells you that , the price of gold is up not at a record yet but the trend is clear in the upward direction so I think both the dollar and the Euro are losing value currently the euro is losing it a little bit faster than the dollar , but I think in the long term the problems in the US are actually larger and more severe than the problems in Europe and I think are more dangerous to blow up in the short run so I think that the people are exaggerating the demise of the Euro not focusing on the more imminent demise of the dollar and in the process they are buying some extra time for the dollar because a lot of this European flight money is going into the US treasuries and that's allowing the US government to stimulate the economy more and the stimulus is the problem it is like a toxic drug and the more government stimulus we get the more sicker the real economy becomes "

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to play The Gold & Silver Dip

Jeff Kilburg, TreasuryCurve, discusses the play on the dip in the gold and silver , as oil prices slip. "The GLD, the 162 level. looks like it's running up to the 170. i think it's bringing silver with it. we're seeing people pile into this trade. as we've seen the last year or so, everything gets crowded. it's not over yet in my mind." says Jeff Kilburg

Monday, January 16, 2012

David Morgan : How to protect your Shares

David Morgan on How to protect your Shares and assets , Silver Guru David Morgan gives his insights and recommendations on how to avoid a MF Global kind of bankruptcy , do not let your broker rob you know where to invest and how to invest with silver guru David Morgan

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gold best performer in 2011 - Charles Goyette

Charles Goyette, talk show host and author of The Dollar Meltdown warns about the economic calamity the Republicans and Democrats are creating, Charles Goyette is spot on. The US is in such deep trouble. If they cut spending and balance the budget there is going to be a massive economic retraction. If they don't and they keep interest rates too low and keep printing money the dollar will eventually become worthless and there will be massive inflation.What is going on is the fiat money age is over.Nobody wants to play the banksters rigged game anymore.Gold and Silver...next stop, THE MOON!! If you're still holding "paper" when this happens, you're screwed!!

Dentists use silver fillings, its used for photography, electronic products for it's superior conductivity, high capacity batteries, space equipment, cell phones, some tv's, computers, medical equipment, etc.. Gold and Silver have a huge demand apart from being the perfect medium of exchange!

Friday, January 13, 2012

How much Gold Coins can you take with you through the Customs

Bob Chapman is expanding on the question that many of us ask about how much gold coins are we allowed to have in our pockets while crossing a border , many want to leave the US and they want their gold with them , it is obvious that the laws and regulations are changing all the time and they change from one country to another including the country you are planning to go to , so Bob Chapman is recommending to contact high ranking officials and ask them about the regulations regarding gold and have all that printed so that you can show it to any custom official when you are leaving in case of complications , better again says Bob Chapman is to sell your gold in the US and buy it back in whichever country you are heading to and obviously have the money transferred to your new bank account overseas....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gold Miners a good way to gain leverage to Gold

Time to Buy Gold Miners? "yes. obviously i'm a big believer in the gold miners as a good way to gain leverage to gold. gold itself, actually finished not as high as we thought it would be last year. it got sold down at the end of the year. i think we've got a good opportunity to buy in now off some fairly low levels. we're looking for $18.50 an ounce this year on average. we see the gold price moving up from current levels towards the end of the year to much higher levels" says Patrick Chidley, HSBC Global Research,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

China boosts Gold price

Gold prices are rising today despite the strong dollar mostly due to strong Chinese imports of gold which during the last quarter of the last year , China imported a 103 tons of gold in the month of November 2011 alone , it was all in anticipation of the Chinese new year which starts next week

Friday, January 6, 2012

How Gerald Celente Invests in Gold & Silver

Trends forecaster Gerald Celente says that he is bullish on gold and also silver due to that fact that the FED will continue to print more fiat money and that now we have India and China in the gold and silver market unlike in the 70s and 80s when both countries were still behind iron curtains , Gerald Celente like to invest in gold in the form of 10 ounces bars and one kilo bars , and in silver he likes in in 100 ounces bars

Thursday, January 5, 2012

David Morgan Silver $60/oz in 2012

David Morgan ...overall the trend will be higher I am expecting actually to see silver pretty much double over the course of 2012 going roughly from $30 to $60 " David Morgan says that it will take sometime to get through that psychological barrier of $50 but that it will happen during the course of 2012 , David Morgan says that he is buying more silver right now

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gold above $1600 as Central Banks continue to buy more Gold

After a disappointing QE4 last year , Gold is starting 2012 with a strong upward trend as capital continue to look for safe heavens , the geopolitical uncertainties creating in the straight of Hormuz are going to help gold trade higher , not to mention to continued Eurozone debt problems and uncertainties about the future of the Euro , the fundamentals for gold are stronger than ever Gold is the ultimate safe heaven for the wise capital , and I think we are headed for a very nice rally in this 2012 year ...tighten up your belts we are about to take off .....

Monday, January 2, 2012

Marc Faber : the risk today as an investor is not to own Gold

Marc Faber : ......All I can say, the risk today as an investor is not to own gold, but it’s not to own any gold. If you have no gold at all, I think you’re taking a risk. And my advice is simply every month you put some money aside and you buy a little bit of gold. Depending if you’re very rich, you buy every month a ton. If you’re very poor, you buy every month an ounce or whatever it is, or a gram. But every month, you accumulate. You don’t worry about the price. Look to it and you just buy every month a little bit. And your grandchildren will be very happy about that unless the US government takes it away. That is a possibility with Mr. Bernanke. You just look at him. He’s basically not a particularly honest character. - in The Financial Sense Newshour

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