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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peter Schiff : The Bubble is not in Gold , The Bubble is in US Treasuries

Peter Schiff : " The Bubble is not in Gold , The Bubble is in US Treasuries , the number of people buying gold is tiny compared to the number of people who are buying treasuries , but the point is even though so few people are buying gold look at how much the prices are gone up imagine what will happen to the price of gold when all those fools who are rushing into the treasury market because they think it is the safe heaven what's will happen when they will realize that that's not a safe heaven and everybody starts trying to buy Gold , imagine what's going to happen then to the price of gold , because it is gone up the way it is when only a very small fraction of the investment community and of the general public is buying the overwhelming majority are just foolishly buying US treasuries following the blind over the edge of a cliff "

The World Gold Council Q2 gold demand trends report

Discussing the World Gold Council's Q2 gold demand trends report and a look at where gold may go from here, with Marcus Grubb, The World Gold Council "it is at a new high. we released a new report with a strong high. we saw a very strong performance from India and China, strong jewelry demand as well in the second quarter. we don't believe gold is in a bubble." "absolutely. you have seen strong bar demand and join demand up about 13%. largely that's been in india and china this time around. partly on the back of high inflation figures in both of those countries. also, i think -- demand for physical gold. to hold physical gold in the difficult economic times in western countries. in particular in Europe and united states."


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