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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greg McCoach Gold & Silver prices are going to the stratosphere

Greg McCoach Interview Live at the Silver Summit , Kerry Lutz interviewes Greg McCoach of Amerigold.com at the Silver Summit in Spokane Washington. Greg talks about the frustration of young people the riots we see on a daily basis in Europe , we are on the verge and America is not immune from this general malaise , the 2 party system have catastrophically failed the American people says Greg there is only Ron Paul that can bring some hope . is an adherent to the Austrian School of Economics and foresees a monumental collapse in the offing. He understands what’s going on and helps us to gain insight into what steps to take to protect our families and our wealth. He’s an accomplished and highly polished speakers and we were fortunate to catch him for an interview.

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