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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jim Rogers : Do not sell your Gold, not yet

Jim Rogers : If somebody starts bombing Iran, everything in the world is probably going to go down for a while except maybe gold. Maybe the US dollar would go up initially, but probably everything would be hit in the shock except maybe gold. So I own gold. I am not selling my gold. I bought some gold on Monday a little bit. Not very much, but if gold goes down a lot, I would buy. I hope I am smart enough to buy a lot more gold. Gold is going to go much higher over the course of this decade. Do not sell your gold, not yet. - in ET Now
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James Turk more bullish on Silver than on Gold

JAMES TURK: Well my long-term view is that I've always been more bullish on silver than I have been on gold and the reason is that even though gold is cheap, silver is even cheaper than gold. The ratio is still in the 50s when the historical ratio is 16 ounces of silver equal to one ounce of gold, and I expect before this bull market is over, we're going to get down toward that area. But the problem with silver is that it's much more volatile than gold. Last year the ratio was at 31 and a few months later it was at 57/58. That volatility is not for everybody, but if you can handle the volatility - own some silver. My general recommendation is that two-thirds gold, one-third silver and by the time this bull market is over, the silver component of your portfolio will have a higher currency value than the gold component of your portfolio because of the outperformance as a result of the decline in the gold-silver ratio. - in mineweb

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