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Monday, May 30, 2011

The European Gold confiscation scheme unfold

The European Gold confiscation scheme unfold ,Let the whole banking system collapse, it's built on sand anyway.the US is next, that is why you should care. They are trying their scheme out on a small, basically defenseless country to see how it works, then they will 'grow' the program. The banks will own everything if nothing is done to stop them. They own most of the real estate in the US when you consider everyone 'borrows' to buy it and if they default, it goes back to the back, not the original owner it was sold from.
A very informative interview, we need to get Sprott, Ned and Morgan together with Max to discuss how to take over the warehouse supplies of silver...well done Max and Stacy!

The excessive printing of dollars to keep the economy from a great depression is fuelling inflation. PIMCO has lost faith in the US government and is investing in precious metals. As more people pull their heads out of the sand and stop watching X Factor on TV more of them will pile into the only real store of value - gold & silver etc.

Gold and Silver Rally Trade

Scott Redler, chief strategic officer for T3Live.com, says to trade gold and silver Friday and wait to go long.:'we're not exactly sure if and this bounce is gonna take just -- new highs or was this just healthy balance of -- for the short term. This is probably a spot to lighten up a little bit. It's I -- well you would be -- a week and next. Well you know market -- and I forget about when Rangers are tight before remove and how cold does have a four -- move. So if you look at them -- gold it might be hired among -- from now but I think you can get a better entry than chasing it on the fourth update. Typically silver -- just had a nice to reading move from what 35 to 37 -- so. I know it's not where was a 4049. And trying to get the forty to 41 yes but I just elect a better entry in today I believe is not the data and there silver Oracle (ORCL) but they stay here for awhile next week and prove that is demanding commitment to this balance. Then we'll get another entry and that could prove to be the entry for a move back to those how much -- as well. I don't think we get the multiple they're out of it to see you absorb this multiple -- and decide gold go from what 1470. -- around 1530."


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