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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mexico confirms Gold record purchase of 100 tonnes paid 4.4 bln dollars

The Banco de Mexico, confirmed yesterday Gold record purchase of 100 tonnes paid 4.4 bln dollars said in a statement it had bought in recent months , This represents about 4% of the world gold reserves , it is stated in the note pointing out that the deal''is part of the institution in the usual political issue with respect to investments and the diversification of assets.''According to the IMF, Mexico has purchased the gold by spending at least $ 4.3 billion.

Silver at $36 , Gold below $1500 ,This is market manipulation

Silver margin requirements raised, causing paper silver to be sold but physical silver is being sold for higher prices, silver will hit a bottom and then skyrocket back up higher than ever in history

Bob Chapman : gold and silver looking for a bottom now ,this is a definate attempt to rig the market ... you will see silver run back up next Monday ,...we are living in a corporate fascist society run by a bunch of Nazis , our government and Wall street are full of Nazis says Bob Chapman of the international forecaster they want virtually untouched profits free gain with no regulations no anti trust laws they want to do anything they want to do and as a result of that they create monopolies

$80 Silver Forecast - we are having a Healthy correction 5/4/2011

The price of silver has seen a dazzling surge of nearly 77% in the past 13 weeks but its fortune seems to have revered over the past few days. Analysts believe It's the demand for silver coins and bars, exchange-traded funds as well as futures and options contracts that has fueled the metal's price rise. After 4 margin hikes in less than 2 weeks Silver hasn't lost its long term luster.
Keep stacking physical .I think the fundamentals are there but am unsure how low it will go before it goes back up........it's down to $35.91 now and falling very fast as I write this. It's a massive correction but whatever anyone thinks, the price of the metal is stil ridiculously low.Silver pullback is a buying opportunity


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