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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gold Prices Soar on Liquidity Boost

Gold Prices Soar today boosted by fears of the debt risks in Europe and the U.S. and as the Federal Reserve, the ECB European Central Bank and 4 other central banks announced a coordinated move to cut the cost of U.S. dollar swaps by half a percentage point, making it cheaper for banks to borrow US dollars and hence increasing liquidity in the markets which is an inflationary move and very bullish for safe heaven assets like gold and Silver.Spot gold rose more than 2 percent to $1,749.54/oz its highest since November 17th .

Monday, November 28, 2011

Invest in GOLD , the only Real Asset

Always remember that whatever is printed on a paper is worth the paper it is printed on , including your cash , Paper is worthless , sure Gold recently is behaving badly and it is down 17 percent from its peak , but it is still up 20 percent this year and that's a lot better than most of the stocks out there DO NOT BUY PAPER or certificates or options or store funds in the banks (aside from immediate living expenses). Only buy gold or silver for delivery in hand and buy a fireproof safe to store it in at home. Banks are already stealing customer deposits/funds (with govt approval) so do not be fooled. Buy the real deal and store it safely at home.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

James Turk Gold outlook 23rd Nov 2011

James Turk : today being a thanksgiving holiday (in the US ) the markets are very quite says James Turk who believes that there is still the potential of seeing gold at $2000/oz before the end of this year because there is so much potential buying power there is a lot of money waiting on the side line , gold could pop up very quickly as we saw during the last August , but if we do not see $2000/oz before the end of this year we will see it in the first quarter of 2012

Bix Weir outlook for Gold & Silver Market

Kerry Lutz - Interviews Bix Weir - November 23, : The federal reserve are the anti gold standard organization says Bix Weir , whether the IMF owns any gold they refuse to disclose the location of any of their alleged gold holdings nobody really knows , same with the FED

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Physical Gold possession is key says Jürg Kiener

Jürg Kiener, MD & CIO of Swiss Asia Capital, Singapore, says moving cash into Gold physical possession is key...it is Strategic....." people are going to jump from the fire into the volcano Jürg says structurally we are going to see and more money flow into asset protection , Gold is the most strategic asset from the money point of view he added

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gold down below the $1700 mark

The price of gold down the Comex in New York, bullion for delivery in December down to $ 1,677.20. Silver is also down to $31.56 . CNBC's Bertha Coombs discusses the day's activity in the commodities markets and looks at where oil and precious metals are likely headed tomorrow.commodities price drop (gold/silver) is basically investors trying to accumulate cash to buy treasuries for safety. This has everything to do with gov and bank default scare and not safety against fiat. ...But why are we talking about bank failures? Last time we had a banking crash gold and silver completely pooped along with everything else. So what does the physical investor do? Buy big on this drop this could be your last chance

Sunday, November 20, 2011

James Turk on the MF Global collapse

James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation,says that Gold is undervalued and he talks about the MF Global collapse and its implications on the gold market particularly on the futures market, there is not enough money to save the Euro says James Turk , they made a mistake at the beginning when they decided to bailout any country that goes into trouble ,they did that in order to try to keep the banking system afloat ,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Central banks to raise its purchases of gold to the highest level in 40 years

Central banks to raise its purchases of gold to the highest level in 40 years over concerns for the Eurozone crisis and currency turmoils worldwide :
World Gold Council said that the world's central banks raised their purchases of gold in the third quarter of this year to its highest level in 40 years with the sharp decline in the price of gold during September / September last highs above $ 1,900 an ounce (an ounce). According to the newspaper, the Middle East, the net purchases of gold from central banks during the third quarter of this year, 148.4 tons of gold which exceeded estimates which had been announced earlier and the form of a surprise to some traders. The rejection of the World Gold Council, which issued a quarterly report yesterday identifying the names of central banks, which bought the bulk of these purchases because of the «restrictions of confidentiality» governing trading world gold market, but bankers in London said that some of the central banks of countries that have financial surpluses grabbed the opportunity to decline gold to diversify its investments away from risky assets. The central bank purchases of gold rose to its sales last year, and for the first time in two decades as banks throughout that period, sell more than buy. These purchases have led recently to the price of gold to about 1920.3 dollars an ounce, more than 600 per cent for the price 10 years ago. The last two years have witnessed an increase in central bank purchases of gold by banks to the direction of the yellow metal as a safe haven for cash reserves in light of disorder exchange markets. The amount of gold purchased by central banks during the period from July to September last, which is 148.4 tons, is the largest since 1988 when I was purchasing 180 tonnes. Furthermore, gold settled yesterday after falling 1 percent in the previous meeting in Singapore, as the market remains concerned about the debt crisis of the euro area with the continued political wrangling in the region. The argument broke out between France and Germany on whether the European Central Bank to intervene more forcefully to stop the debt crisis accelerated, while the bond market turbulence extends to the various countries of Europe, raising the concern of investors. A trader in Hong Kong «U.S. dollar is strong and there seems to be a good solution for Europe». The «technical picture looks weak, gold may not exceed $ 1800 soon». Gold rose in the spot market 0.2 per cent to 1765.20 dollars an ounce by 07:13 GMT away from the lowest level in a week's record of $ 1753.39 the day before yesterday (Wednesday). Gold fell U.S. 0.4 per cent to 1766.60 dollars.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Andy Hoffman : the physical metals will see all time high prices

Ranting Andy Hoffman talks about Derivatives, the MF Global debacle, silver and gold price outlook and the current events. andy says that he is now 100 percent switched to bullion , the physical metals will see all time high prices , the sovereigns of the world are rushing out of The Dollar . People have lost lot of money in the paper market .... I'm glad there are those that keep telling people to buy and hold precious metals themselves. This tactic has been proven down through the ages as sound policy. But most people will never listen. derivatives are just instruments to gamble upon the real underlining assets, they have no merit on the value of the real assets, bank of america has gambled to the point of 7 trillion in these gambling instruments. so bank of america is bankrupt, just dont invest in bank of america, anyone that has ties to bank of america will obviously be screwed also. doesnt mean the whole market is shit its just a select few of poorly managed companies.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gold will continue to move higher on Europe Debt Crisis & QE3 - Michael Dudas

The Gold bull run continues today as worries over Europe's debt problems lifted the price. Michael Dudas, Sterne Agee precious metals/mining analyst. gives his outlook for the Gold market "sue, i believe so. technically there's a very good support for gold moving higher. fundamentally i think the market still is concerned about zero interest rates in the united states, negative real interest rates here, and the fact that though the fed did signal maybe a potential in QE3 you're also going to have a sense of the ECB easing given the sovereign debt issues there. a lot of excess liquidity is going to come into the marketplace. i think continue to support gold on a fundamental basis." Michael Dudas says

Monday, November 7, 2011

The coming QE3 will boost Gold and Silver prices

Gold and Silver to Remain Good Performers , Jeremy Friesen, commodity strategist at Societe Generale, discusses how QE3 will help gold and silver.Gold strangest weakness is that it is very liquid it is still one of the biggest performers in the year so there is always the risk that some people will take out the profit after the strong rally we saw this year , Jeremy thinks that QE3 is on the table prior to 2012 , we will see more monetary easing all these things are ultra bullish for Gold and Silver .....

Friday, November 4, 2011

John Rubino interview by Kerry Lutz 11-3-11

Author John Rubino on how to profit from currency devaluation and his outlook for the global economy and the gold prices , John Rubino is publisher of DollarCollapse.com, a popular online hub for news impacting the economy. John is the author of several well-received books fortelling years in advance the collapse of the housing market and the decline of the US dollar, he is also the co-author, with GoldMoney's James Turk, of The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit From It (Doubleday, 2007), and author of Clean Money: Picking Winners in the Green-Tech Boom (Wiley, 2008), How to Profit from the Coming Real Estate Bust (Rodale, 2003) and Main Street, Not Wall Street (Morrow, 1998). After earning a Finance MBA from New York University, he spent the 1980s on Wall Street, as a Eurodollar trader, equity analyst and junk bond analyst. During the 1990s he was a featured columnist with TheStreet.com and a frequent contributor to Individual Investor, Online Investor, and Consumers Digest, among many other publications. He currently writes for CFA Magazine.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bullish on Gold on the FED QE almost certainly coming out

Gold falls for the third straight day, now down over 1%,but the coming QE which is almost a certainty is a very bullish signal for Gold , gold prices in Euros today are staring to break out so you will start seing more of the momentum players coming to gold


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