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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peter Schiff : save in Gold not in Fiat Currency

Peter Schiff : save Gold not Fiat Currency , Gold & Silver is not a commodity or investment. More than anything else its the only REAL MONEY. You have to spend some fake money and buy the REAL MONEY back, or else the banksters have you by the balls.

Peter Schiff : The FED Chairman is completely wrong he does not understand money he does not understand gold he does not understand the history of money , the thing about Bernanke is that he does not even understand recent history , he thinks that interest rates and home prices are completely unrelated he thinks that it was a pure coincidence that we had this cheap money under his predecessor and the housing bubble that it just happen to happen at the same time ,Ben Bernanke is completely clueless! "
Bernanke purposely lowered the interest rates and increased the money supply ignoring the "liquidity trap"(keynes), the pigou effect and the criticism by kalecki, the only thing that keep the pieces together is the status of world's reserve currency of the dollar, which is based on some twigs and dirt, he knows this and was instrumental in the making of this "situation".

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