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Thursday, April 21, 2011

David Morgan interview 21 Apr 2011

Silver guru David Morgan gives his intake about the recent surge in Silver and Gold prices and his outlook for the upcoming months regarding gold and silver markets ...he reminds us that Silver is the only precious metal that has not made a nominal new high Yet , which means that there is a lot of room for the silver to shoot up higher and higher...silver is just catching up the other precious metals David Morgan says

Bob Chapman get ready for Gold at $2000

Bob Chapman get ready for Gold at $2000

Bob Chapman the international forecaster talking with Discount Gold and Silver trading radio yesterday says : I do not see gold stopping until we get to $1650 , $1600 and get ready for $2000 , and silver they can't cover and it's going to go up like this everyday until HSBC and JPM decide that they gonna do something and I can tell you something and that is that the federal reserve and the treasury and JPM and HSBC have sat down to figure out what the heck they are gonna do , is it partial default is it full default or is the federal reserve gonna come in and buy out the positions and nobody is going to get any silver you know they will be lucky if they get cash ...and it is not going to be $100 an ounce and this not taking into the account that silver is in short supply versus usage as a commercial metal and so this problem is not going to go away , if they set on the shorts like now they will take silver to $80 dollars easy ...cause nobody is going to give them silver everybody knows the spot they're in and they can't get out , right now we got $46/oz , they are 90 billion offsite at $60/oz it's 150 billion it's gonna be 300 billion at $100/ox so they have to step in somewhere , they got to do something and it's going to ruin the futures options and the derivatives and of course the ETF SLV and GLD , there gonna be thunder lightening going on and they know that they know the ramifications , you know the ETFs are government operations it's to siphon off interest in taking delivery of physical or buying shares a market that they control by lying about what the physical position of gold and silver are in SLV and GLD again you're dealing with criminals they might have $6000 suits on but they are criminals

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