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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gold & Silver Outlook after the Eurozone Debt Deal

The coin dollar will just be made out of some cheap metal. That news story has nothing do with gold or silver!!! Just imagine if the mint was distributing silver coins... there would not be one of those bags sitting in storage. I give them 3 years max to play on this carousel. The IMF is already talking of increasing the bail out fund for Europe to $5 Trillion & they haven't even spent this weeks money. The German public is screaming that Germany is going to use it's Pension fund as a source of funding for the bail outs. The giant vacuum has started on the FIAT mess, Every country in the world now has to print money, it's a race now. If they don't print then their money is going to me worth too much & hurt their exports. The Race To The Bottom has started!


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