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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gold Price about to Explode from here

Rich Ilczyszyn, chief market strategist and founder, iiTrader gives his outlook for Gold and where he thinks it is headed , "well listen , i think we hit a little bit of resistance today, but i have to say 18, 19, $2,000 an ounce, probably happening next year...listen, these are the levels we are looking at now. if you look at u.s. policy i would guess that in first quarter of next year we may expand our balance sheets again a little bit, weakening the dollar. i think everyone is ready to jump on that trade. i think gold is a good way to hedge yourself." He said "i think every investor should have a little bit of gold in their portfolio. I'm not just talking about my position. I think this is a good hedge. it's also a good investment" He added "anyone who is long here should be cognizant of the concept that this is a microenvironment or macro environment" He explains

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