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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peter Schiff : buy Gold the demise of the Dollar is imminent

Peter Schiff : buy Gold the demise of the Dollar is imminent , gold is the real safe heaven "Obviously just look at it , look at the trend , Gold is over $1600 an ounce , the media always wants to focus on the attention on the fact that it is off the high , it is not at $1900 , but how often is a market at its absolute high ? it's not like markets don't correct , gold is off its record high by less than the Dow Jones yet nobody keeps pointing that out , when you look at the long term trend the most recent correction from the highs it does not violate any trend line " " I think gold is going much higher I think we are going to make new all time highs in 2012 and continue to move higher in 2013 - 2014 , it is a major major bull marker it got a long way to go and you have more naysayers than participants "

Peter Schiff – interviewed by this week in money (14 January 2012 ) about where he sees the US dollar going " the dollar is not strong , it certainly has been less weak than the Euro recently , but both currencies are weak , gold tells you that , the price of gold is up not at a record yet but the trend is clear in the upward direction so I think both the dollar and the Euro are losing value currently the euro is losing it a little bit faster than the dollar , but I think in the long term the problems in the US are actually larger and more severe than the problems in Europe and I think are more dangerous to blow up in the short run so I think that the people are exaggerating the demise of the Euro not focusing on the more imminent demise of the dollar and in the process they are buying some extra time for the dollar because a lot of this European flight money is going into the US treasuries and that's allowing the US government to stimulate the economy more and the stimulus is the problem it is like a toxic drug and the more government stimulus we get the more sicker the real economy becomes "

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