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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marc Faber : I would rather be long precious metals than industrial commodities

"I would rather be long precious metals than industrial commodities," said Marc Faber at the annual London Bullion Market Association conference this week "Gold is not anywhere close to a bubble stage," "I keep in my toilet a picture of Mr. Bernanke. And every time I think about selling my gold, I look at it and I know better!" he added

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peter Schiff : Gold was going to go up regardless the Election

Peter Schiff : The dollar was going to go down and gold was going to go up regardless. The re-election of Obama and the politics behind it just really shows the trouble America is in as a nation and as a society. The types of leaders we’re likely to elect, and the types of policies we’re likely to pursue are going to substantially undermine the economy. It’s almost like a self-perpetuating prophesy, because the more the government interferes in the economy, the more regulations we have; the more government spending we have, the more taxes we have—particularly on those with upper income—the worse the economy is going to get, the lower our living standard is going to go and the more good job opportunities are going to be diminished. And that’s very fertile ground for politicians to promise relief in the form of more government. And, more government creates the need for more government; because the more government we have, the more poverty we have. We’re in that spiral right now; this is how democracies die. We’re in a situation, votingwise, where we have more people in the wagon than we have pulling it. The way you get elected is you promise to people who are riding in the wagon more free stuff, an easier ride; and you also promise to whip the people pulling the wagon a little harder and make them do a little bit more. And as you do that, there are always people pulling the wagon who decide they are tired of pulling the wagon, and they want to jump in with everyone else. So you get even more people looking for something from government and you have fewer people to pay the bills. And this is where we are—a disintegrating nation. - in seeking Alpha

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jim Rogers Gold will Go Much Higher over The Next Decade

Jim Rogers: Yes, gold certainly over the next decade will go much higher. There is no question about that, but there are a few times when there is going to be more money printing. - in Jim Rogers Blog ( http://jimrogers1.blogspot.com )

Marc Faber : I do own some Gold Shares through stock options, because I'm a director of several exploration companies.

Marc Faber : Because I live in Asia, I am quite familiar with the Asian markets and economies. I have a bias toward Asian equities, especially because I can find deals in places such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong—stocks that give me 4–7% dividend yields. With yields at those levels, at least I'm paid to wait. Even if they're cut 5%, I'd still get better cash flow than I would from, say, U.S. government bonds. Consequently, I feel reasonably confident owning such shares.

Because I have allocated only 25% of my portfolio to equities, if the markets were to drop 50%, I would have funds elsewhere in my portfolio to buy more equities. That's not a prediction for a 50% market decline; it's just to say that I'm positioned in such a way that I could put more money in equities through a) my cash flow, b) my income and c) my cash position. And I do own some gold shares through stock options, because I'm a director of several exploration companies. - in the aureport

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jim Rogers: The Gold Market will make its top in five-six-eight years

ET Now: What is your target on gold then from a year perspective?

Jim Rogers: I do not have a target. As the world unfolds, the gold market will make its top in five-six-eight years. In the end when gold turns into a bubble and a mania, I hope I am smart enough to sell when gold turns into a mania.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gold to $2,000 In 6-12 Months Regardless of who wins the Election

Goldcorp CEO: Gold to $2,000 In 6-12 Months Regardless of who wins the presidential election, Goldcorp CEO Charles Jeannes explains why he thinks gold is going higher.


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