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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mike Maloney - Debt Collapse & $20,000/oz Gold

Debt Collapse - $20,000 Gold - Mike Maloney On Gold and Silver & Economics .a must see for anyone holding any form on 'currency'! Mike Maloney inspired me to start a Gold & Silver Collection to preserve my wealth! Priceless information Thank you for your awesome wisdom Mike!! Your saving millions of people's financial futures! I bought his book in 2008...bought my first round of PM's after finishing. Since then, I have read it two more times. There is such an incredible amount of information...like many others, I feel indebted to this man for offering his knowledge.I figured that ounces of gold that the US government has to the True Money Supply is $23,734 per ounce.I don't think of the bank balances as money the same as notes and coins because if if the actual reserves aren't there, the bank defaults on withdrawal obligations. What fractional reserve does is increase the velocity of money. It increases the supply of credit and it's really bad.Inflation is not even a problem for people who understands that today's money is WORTHLESS, you DO NOT under ANY circumstance save MONEY, you invest money in value (eg. gold, stocks, real-estate and whatnot). The only money you should have is to cover your cash-flow,

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