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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Utah, returns to Gold Standard

The State of Utah, returns to Gold Standard ,the US $ is only backed by faith and lately there isnt much left, The Constitution called for Gold & Silver coins because the paper certificate scam is nothing new to history.people will trade with 1/10th ounce coins not 1 full ounce :) It's freedom because getting paid in gold has value while government paper enslaves as it cost money to print it. We don't need to end the welfare state. Just end the FED and the wellfare state will end itself.

As far as I can tell the law legalizes US federal minted gold and silver coins as "legal tender", and removes state capital gains tax and sales tax when they are sold / purchased using fiat. The tax provisions are all good, but since the face value of a PM coin is a tiny fraction of its melt value why would anyone use it as legal tender, i.e. exchange it based on it's face value?

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