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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to Buy Gold after the 5% fall discount

Matthew Grossman, Chief Equity Market Strategist, Adam Mesh Trading Group believes the 5% fall in gold prices overnight presents an attractive buying opportunity.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gold provides no yield because it has no counterparty risk

JAMES TURK : Yes, gold doesn't provide yield because it doesn't have counterparty risk. If you want to put your gold at risk and lend it to someone you can generate yield on that. So right now people don't want that counterparty risk because they don't know whether their gold is going to be returned or whether the euro's they haven't deposited in their bank is going to be returned, if the bank goes belly-up, or the purchasing power of the euros they put on deposit will be returned because of inflation as a result of all the quantitative easing and money printing that's going on around the world. So you can't really look at some of those "straw man" arguments against gold because they don't think they carry any weight. The more important thing is what's been actually happening in over the last 11 years - the gold price has risen in US dollar terms at an average annual rate of appreciation of 17%. Now have you been earning 17% on your dollar deposits or euro deposits every year? You haven't and so gold is going to become more and more attractive as people understand that gold is still undervalued and still very much useful, and you know, valuation is more important than price. They are different things - as long as an asset is undervalued you should continue to accumulate it and by all my historical measures, gold is still undervalued. - in mineweb

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jim Rogers : Do not sell your Gold, not yet

Jim Rogers : If somebody starts bombing Iran, everything in the world is probably going to go down for a while except maybe gold. Maybe the US dollar would go up initially, but probably everything would be hit in the shock except maybe gold. So I own gold. I am not selling my gold. I bought some gold on Monday a little bit. Not very much, but if gold goes down a lot, I would buy. I hope I am smart enough to buy a lot more gold. Gold is going to go much higher over the course of this decade. Do not sell your gold, not yet. - in ET Now
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James Turk more bullish on Silver than on Gold

JAMES TURK: Well my long-term view is that I've always been more bullish on silver than I have been on gold and the reason is that even though gold is cheap, silver is even cheaper than gold. The ratio is still in the 50s when the historical ratio is 16 ounces of silver equal to one ounce of gold, and I expect before this bull market is over, we're going to get down toward that area. But the problem with silver is that it's much more volatile than gold. Last year the ratio was at 31 and a few months later it was at 57/58. That volatility is not for everybody, but if you can handle the volatility - own some silver. My general recommendation is that two-thirds gold, one-third silver and by the time this bull market is over, the silver component of your portfolio will have a higher currency value than the gold component of your portfolio because of the outperformance as a result of the decline in the gold-silver ratio. - in mineweb

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gold $2500/oz & Silver $56/oz this year says John Embry

Gold and Silver Weekly Update - The Latest on Precious Metals - 2/18/2012 : John Embry of Sprott management said recently that he sees Gold going to $2500/oz and Silver @$56/oz this year says 2012 which is very close to James Turk prediction for this year of $2500/oz for Gold and $70/oz for silver.... Jerry Robinson interviews veteran Precious Metals Advisor Tom Cloud about the latest news on the precious metals markets.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gold Price will kick in any day - Bill Murphy of GATA

Gold Price Manipulation Explained and Why Silver Will Soon Go Ballistic says Bill Murphy of GATA .Bill Murphy explains that he will be shocked if silver won't hit the $60/oz by the end of this year , he also explains how JP morgan was able so far to rig the market and keep the prices of gold down , which is a great opportunity for the average investor to buy more gold and silver , gold prices will kick in any day and they are ready to explode he said

Thursday, February 16, 2012

David Morgan on 2012 Gold & Silver Fundamentals

David Morgan chats with "Trading Talk" on 2012 Precious Metals Fundamentals . Bob Chambers from "Trading Talk" speaks candidly with David Morgan "The Silver Fox" at the 2012 Cambridge House Economic Seminar to discuss the current "seasonality" in the market and why he believes we should expect a broad trading range throughout the first 6-months of this year.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alan Butler : Backdoor QE3 already started

Alan Butler: Korelin Economics Report 2/4/2012 : Quantitative easing 3 already started says Alan Butler , If you follow the money the FED is borrowing Americans money to Greece and other European banks , the European banks are making money that they do not deserve thanks to the recent swap with the FED , this is a backdoor QE3 operation and the media is keeping silent about it

James Turk : Gold still Underowned & Undervalued

GoldSeek Radio's Chris Waltzek talks to JAMES TURK - Feb 2, 2012 James Turk, founder of the GoldMoney Foundation talks about the recent correction in the price of gold from all time nominal highs of 1.923$ per troy ounce and discusses the implications. He points out that there hasn't been a 20% drop in the price of gold since 2008. James explains that these periodic liquidations are a normal part of gold's bull market. He then talks about the fundamentals and discusses gold's safe haven status. He talks about how gold suffers in a liquidity event because of the rush to cash and the need to realize profit, while outperforming all other assets. James Turk recommends seeing gold as a form of savings and accumulating while its undervalued, since the trend will go much higher, rather than attempting to trade it. He also discusses Lehman, Greece, Dexia and other significant market events.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

David Morgan : The rush to commodities...

Its not the price of gold silver that matter but rather how many ounces you own (in your possession). the CME is setting the Bait out again to attract more customers after having ripped them off last time with Margin rises, 5 of them in 8 DAYS! So now CME is lowering them again! "CME Cuts Gold, Silver, Platinum And Copper Margins" zerohedgeDOTcom/news/cme-cuts-­gold-silver-platinum-and-coppe­r-margins

Marc Faber : With money-printing, you never know what sector of the economy will be inflated

Marc Faber : "It is not that the gold price will go up. It is that the value of paper money will go down."
"Ten years ago we had relatively low inflation in the Western world. Now, with interest rates at zero, we have high asset valuations. Asset prices have gone ballistic in stamps, modern art, wine, you name it. Gold, silver, other commodities, equities in emerging markets, high-end real estate -- all have done well. When assets become like cash, it may be safer to hold your money in the bank. If asset prices collapse, you'll be better off in Treasury bills with zero yields. Then the central banks will print money and bail you out. At least you'll get your principal back. With money-printing, you never know what sector of the economy will be inflated. Maybe we have had profit inflation and there will be a severe correction. I don't expect corporate profits in the U.S. to collapse by more than 20% in the next 12 months."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jim Rogers : Gold over $2,000/oz , but not this year

Jim Rogers : "I do not think it (GOLD ) will go to $2,000 this year, no. I own it and I am not planning on selling it. It will go over $2,000 one day, but not this year," - in investmentweek

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gold Market to skyrocket in 2012

The Gold Market Positioned For Massive Upside Move says Jonathan Rose and that's why a lot of top economists are predicting $2000 an ounce for the yellow metal this year he added

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jim Rogers : Shortages of Physical Gold supplies looming

Jim Rogers : “Gold is being seen as a protection against inflation, against money printing, against debasement of currencies. The supply of gold hasn’t increased very much. Many goldmines are old and running out. So you have problems on both the supply and demand side.”

Saturday, February 4, 2012

James Turk : Gold is the Rock Star of Asset classes

James Turk in This Week in Money February 4th, 2012 : Gold is the Rock Star of Asset classes it has been increasing in value since 2001 , James Turk recommends to hold physical gold and silver bullion , not any kind of paper gold or silver , when you own paper gold or silver you do not own bullion , you own a financial asset that's an intangible asset based on someone's promise which means their capacity an willingness to actually deliver gold and silver in the future at a certain date , so you are exposed to a counter party risk , but when you own physical bullion whether it is gold or silver , you own a tangible asset and that's what you really want to own during a period of financial stress

Thursday, February 2, 2012

James Turk : Gold has another 600 percent to go

James Turk & Chris Waltzek - February 1, 2011. GoldSeekRADIO : Gold is still undervalued and has another 600 percent to go . James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation talks about the outlook for the gold price the fears of hyperinflation the problems facing the eurozone as well as the global economy.Gold is very undervalued says James Turk who recommends to minimize financial assets and maximize tangible assets and when it comes to liquidity the best tangible asset is gold and silver

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gold prices are set to explode in 2012 - Peter Schiff

Gold prices are set to explode in 2012 Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, says the stars are aligned for a gold rally.Schiff says he's "more optimistic about gold" this year than he's ever been and says all the shorts and newly turned gold bears will miss the imminent rally. Moreover, gold mining stocks (such as Newmont Mining and Barrick Gold Corp.) will finally play catch-up to gold, he says, meaning big returns for investors who have stayed with these stocks as they significantly lagged the precious metal."People who are using Treasuries as a safe haven are making a grave mistake if they don't get rid of their treasuries soon," he says.One of the biggest investment stories in 2011, gold ended the year up 10% - a sharp contrast compared to how U.S. stocks closed in 2011 - but a big drop-off from gold's September high of $1,920.30 an ounce. Gold had one of its worst fourth quarters in decades, losing 10% in the month of December alone.Gold has no price. Prices are a matter of currency values. Gold isn't volatile. The currency is.The CME has increased margin requirements twice for Silver and 6% for Gold long contracts to about 11% of the contract. Yet naked short positions need to have no physical holdings of Gold. This can only force the price of precious metals down . If you want to be long on Gold contracts you have to hold more dollars, if you want to be short on Gold you dont need any Gold at all to do so. Looks like the CME has taken over Precious metals price manipulation from J.P.Morgans & HSBC's prop traders. If the naked shorts of Gold & silver were forced to hold just a 6% inventory of the physical metal to back their trades there wouldn't be enough physical supply & the whole system would collapse, yet the CME insists overnight that holders of long contracts in Gold have to hold an extra 6% magin of worthless paper (money) to cover their long contracts. The gold price drops $80 in a week. The chicago mercantile exchange is the new J.P.Morgan precious metals manipulators. Buy only physical metals.

Marc Faber : Gold could fall another $200

Marc Faber : In the past 10 years gold and silver have performed superbly. The gold price overshot on the upside when it reached $1,921 an ounce on Sept. 6. Now it is in a correction phase and could fall another $200.

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