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Friday, January 21, 2011


They can see through metal, and dirt, shoot you 5 miles a way in the pitch black, find gas and oil miles down, look at you through your clothes, stair into your suitcase, and spot a quarter on the side walk from outer space, you don't think they can sniff out your bullion ,Bob Chapman says that so few people that hold gold today that it is not worth the effort to go after them , Gold and Silver are real money!I could see them going after gold maybe, but silver? Not unless it was $1,500/ounce or more..

The only problem with buying miners is the seeing what happened to GM. I can actually envision the government paying pennies on the dollar for the shares for these miner companies after they take them over because of National Security. It was done before during WWII.Or lets say China creates a new currency that will be backed by Gold & informs the rest of the world they arn't trust worthy enough to store their own Gold...

It will never come back

Or...Lets say they use the western world own biblical predictions against us?, Have that new currency based on gold & a digital chip installed in the arm or forehead?

Then that would eliminate Christians from owning money, it's against their religion
Refuse to buy any of that Chineese Crap . Boycott Wal - Mart . Do Not Store Precious Metals , Guns ect , in a Bank Savings Deposit Box . Cash in ALL 4 0 1 K s , I. R. A. s , Bonds , Stocks , take the Penalty , Buy Silver and Gold . Bacon , Beans , Bullets , Water , G

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