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Friday, January 14, 2011

Gold $5000+ Peter Schiff Jim Rogers and Max Keiser

Gold coins and Bars, Peter Schiff 5000 Gold, Jim Rogers 2000 Gold, Max Keiser China Gold Bullion

i made a lot of money in the mid-80's with gold put options listening to rogers philosophy.  he knows his stuff.thats one of the reasons why i believe schiff , rogers ,faber and the rest . they have been right for a long time and you can see the proof .

that and what they say sounds down to earth and logical . People like Schiff and Rogers were calling the housing bubble 2 years before it burst. The people who have been buying gold as a hedge against fiat money failure are the same ones who saw through the artificially inflated housing pricing. BTW, nobody is claiming gold will go up forever, but everything points to it's rising in the short term.Sell your car sell your cow sell your cash and buy gold,gold GOgoGOGO GOLD. Then hide it, dig a hole, put it back into the ground Remember, you can very easily buy gold at a lower premium than silver, palladium and platinum. A lot of silver bugs aren't keeping a careful eye on premiums and buy/sell spreads. I've bought gold and silver back in 2008, and my gains in gold are MUCH higher than for silver.

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