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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gold $7000 , Silver Will Reach a 4 Digit Number

20 to 40% of your portfolio in Metals? Why so little? What else could possibly be in your portfolio that is worth anything really? The stocks in your portfolio better be mostly if not ALL commodities. And hang on to your hat! Got cash? Buy Metal. Buy Gold and Silver

With the good old days of single digit silver stacking over, those who had the foresight to accumulate while all the others were flipping real estate are in the driver's seat. The irony is that most complaints about silver was that it was "too bulky", which isn't the case when it simply isn't available at all. Precious metals will be the last mania before food itself.physical shortage is here. Major seller quoted me six months for monster box of 500 coins. The end is not near, it is here! NOT mint problem. Bars, ingots and bars all short supply. Don't take my word -- call on-line silver sellers and ask. Industrial silver users panicking. JPM, others selling paper silver faster than ever.JPM morgan rumor covering shorts was fake out and get heat off them. JPM now cornering copper market. Copper is substitute for SOME silver apps.

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