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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gold Dinar and The Silver Dirham

I respect this guy's interpretation of money. paper cheques/money should be a value against something (as used to be gold or silver ), not just against a promises of a state to pay you “out of the hat”, as it is now. They print based on confidence they will pay you back (and that is the only value of that paper)... and I have little or less confidence on that every day

Silver for industry is not 999 pure.They use a 910 recycled silver which has no mark.999 is useless for industry.This is another thing people don't know... I prefer silver to gold, because silver is a consumable demanded in industry, not so much subject to speculation as gold, that has almost no demand out of financial investment. There are other metals and energy resources that can be purchased, but not many that you can actually have as a physic real item. Uranium is top, but is evident you can’t keep that home ;)True, only if the gouvernements don't declare the possess of silver and gold as illegal, as it was during the 1929 crash.Capitalism is a more complex thing than what imams and muslims in general think.You cannot have international transaction without paper chéques, or online trading.And you can't go around with silver coins without being stolen.Having a covering in silver and gold granted by the National State ( so not in private hands)'s okay, but not for replacing paper money.

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