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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Silver $250 and Gold $5000

gold, silver, hyperinflation , Stay far away from ETF 's and futures. Just buy the metal ,
That comment that commerce would stop if gold was priced at M2 ($30,000) was just bizarre.
The money would not disappear. Same amount would still be in circulation. The only diff is that M2 would be fully backed by something tangible (official gold reserves) at that price.If you have the money, just buy the damn thing regardless of price. Once it's gone.. IT'S GONE

Max Keiser: "..... The fake price action is masking the INCREASED DEMAND and SUPPLY SHORTAGES for Silver. They use fake naked sales to drive the paper price down – in the hopes that we sell out – and they can buy back at the cheaper price for a profit. But it’s not working. They have to keep borrowing money to float naked shorts and nobody on our side is selling. This is killing JP Morgan’s balance sheet."
Max Keiser: We’ve got them on the run. As they expanded their naked shorts to knock down the price – nobody sold (except the few manipulated sales needed to fabricate the phony print). Net, net, the size of the physical Silver position is GROWING.

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