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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver $50 in 2011 says John Embry,COMEX silver,Adrian Douglas and Webbots predictions

The SEC and the CFTC are part of the Plunge Protection Team. They are not going to actually do anything that hurts the perceived value of the dollar. HSBC and JPM will be exempt from any rules.

:42 Gold to touch $2000, Silver to hit $50 in 2011: John Embry

" Kitco Silver yearly chart" ...historical silver:

1:35 CFTC To Vote On 10% Position Limit Proposal Next Week
I have to remind myself to buy on the dips, it is now at the bottom of the bollinger band, so a good time to buy. I started buying in 2009 and my limit was to not spend over $16 on a coin. Then I raised my limit to $20.. Then $25, bought at $33.50 before 2010 year end! None of it matters if it going to cost $40-50... And if it goes back to $20 I will sell everything even my car and ride the bus for silver...

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