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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Silver Suppression Explained

The Silver Suppression Explained - Office Series 5 : Silver has been demonetized just as gold has. Banks only have big stacks of IOUs of various types No one talks about how India and the middle east how they trade in silver and gold for thousands of years even to this day. These people cherish precious metals much more then own currency. Used in weddings,trade,and everyday life.Too, no one really knows how much gold these people have stored over thousands of years? For a rainy-day?

Silver wont take off for as long as fiat silver can run the game. It will take a run of fiat silver investors to request physical (rather than dollars) for silver to skyrocket. It will take a lot for those investors to lose faith in the dollar enough to take the silver. Most of those guys are heavily invested in stocks and bonds and still believe in the dollar so the silver boom may take some time.

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