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Friday, February 25, 2011

Silver never been so high since 1980

The headlines are all for gold, but it was silver which actually made all the more striking performances.the price of silver is the highest ever seen for a little over 30 years earlier when the market was under the influence of speculative purchases of Hunt brothers.
At the end of last year it took 65 ounces of silver to buy one of gold, while yesterday 58 would be enough . It is a confirmation of what industry analysts say: going up by 48% in 2009 and over 38% in 2010 , silver shows how it is an advantage being a precious metal and a metal with significant industrial uses .
It should be noted that even in the downward trend in the past, the metal showed a speed exceeding that of gold. And it is worth noting that the industrial uses may become a disadvantage when the economy limps.
In the case of silver increases are the engines of the weakness of the dollar (the currency in which prices are expressed), the low interest rates and the increasing industrial demand, in a mix that in recent weeks has been shown to operate at full regime, but that may not last forever.
The 2010 budget for silver should see a world production of about 23 thousand tonnes, which will add 7 thousand tons of recycled material. The question is half the industry (electronics ), with significant demands for jewelry, coins and ETFs, securities traded like stocks, whose prices replicate the performance of the underlying metal.
The silver , has a feature that is often overlooked: it is usually extracted from the mines in which silver is only a sub product. It means that any slowdown in interest in the primary metal (whether it be copper or lead, gold or zinc) has a negative effect on the extraction of silver.

The same can of course be reversed. But in these situations the risk is considered negligible. Indeed, the situation underscores the interest in the mining sector

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