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Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver Sky Rockets, Masses Begin To Dump Silver

Silver Sky Rockets, Masses Begin To Dump Silver , Keep your silver as long as you can, it is going up..up...up! Eagles are very desirable. I would say there is a three dollar spread between Eagles and rounds. I always buy my silver in Eagles and 90% US coin nothing else. And never over 1oz you can keep the larger quantities, they too often sell at discounts. One hundred ounce bars can be as weak as 90%. I would rather have 100 Eagles.

GM did not get broken by the unions.. GM got broken because they took all the profit out of the company instead of putting money back into the company to inprove quality.. if u r old enough to remember what cars were like before the latest generation of cars u would know why US market share drop like a brick ..they abandoned the family car and made gas guzzling SUVs and huge trucks..it was of their own making..the lies about union pay etc is just that lies from the corporate lobby

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