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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silver up 8% since the beginning of 2010 Despite recent selloff

Short-Term Silver Trade: Nymex Trader NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Mihir Dange of Arbitrage reveals how he's trading silver in the short-term and breaks down his 2011 price target.

Despite recent selloff that silver's still up 8% -- the beginning of 2010. While gold is up 20%. Does this mean there's a deeper correction to come in Gilbert joining me for the trade at an iMac (AAPL) isn't here -- So not only you were expecting -- did we get -- it.

We did we got substantial correction down to about 2630. And were up almost three dollars from there which is a tremendous --

I think we'll -- or another correction I think right now I would get a little short. I'm not looking for any.

Wild bullish or bearish movement but if anything it could make and -- can make make another attempt. Back down 2630. But I don't think you're gonna see much more correction that.

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