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Saturday, March 5, 2011

$1,859 Gold $66 Silver and Gold Silver Ratio of 28 is Dead Ahead!

Just using the very conservative all time yearly average highs in 1979-1980 for Gold ($613) and Silver ($21.79) and using the understated inflation rate reported via the US Government, with a CPI Calculator it is very easy to determine that both Gold and SIlver are seriously undervalued and should be at the very least...and conservatively $1,859 for Gold and $66.00 for Silver. So in my opinion folks should not in the very least be hesitant to continue to exchange their FRN currency into physical Gold and Silver. Additionally these numbers are low because the value of the US DOllar has been devalued much more then reflected by the reported CPI, additionally the US Government has been creating massive amounts currency in recent years that guarantees double digit inflation or worse in the near future.


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