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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gold and silver reaching new heights - Silver at $38.10, Gold at $1,446.35.

Gold hits an all time record benefiting from the financial uncertainty created by the Portugal debt and possible bailout , Silver is benefiting from the reconstruction of Japan which was hit by an earthquake and a Tsunami , both Gold and Silver becoming in the eye of the masses a safe heaven to run to in times of uncertainty and a hedge against Inflation

The idea of purchasing Gold and Silver is to not get rich or to make gains, even though this will happen. The reason why you buy gold and silver is to maintain your purchasing power in this sick gone mad world we live in. There is your answer. Paper money will be worthless, yet it will be used until they will not accept it anymore. Until then maintain your purchasing power buy buying gold and silver. Go to my page and get more understanding.

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