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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gold a safe haven and a better option to invest in times of crisis

Gold Prices reached their highest levels in 35 years

Investors describe gold as a safe haven investment and less risky where they can pour their liquidity, in light of sharp fluctuations that characterize the movement of the financial markets and global crisis, and the impact of political unrest and natural disasters that swept several areas in the world today.

Gold prices are high to a point they did not reach in the last 35 years , after the spot price of an ounce reaches 1420 dollars at the moment , it is a golden opportunity for investors who want to preserve their money in clear and transparent investment .

According to the forecasts of some international analysts an ounce of gold will be worth $ 1700 by the end of 2011. The weakness of the US Dollar , the European debt crisis and possible bailout for Portugal and the rising inflation are factors that may boost the price of Gold to very high levels some experts say $5000 , $10000 or even $80 000 , , Gold has always been considered as real money , buying it and holding it was and is always the best way to preserve the wealth in a time of uncertainty and fluctuations.....

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