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Monday, March 14, 2011

Silver good alternative to investing in Gold

Silver could be a good alternative to investing in gold, given the obviously different specificities of the two metals.

At the same footprint, the silver can store much less "value" of gold, and for a lower specific gravity (10.5 vs kg/dm3 19-odd) and for a much lower price (we are at about $ 35 / oz vs 1400 and change for the gold). Depending on the capital to invest, it can be an advantage or a disadvantage, of course.

In contrast industrial use has probably more extensive than for gold (it is used as a catalyst for many chemical reactions, is the best conductor of electricity and heat available to seed clouds and induce rain). also used as a germicide.

Since 1981 the trend of silver is substantially in line with that of gold, and will continue to go higher and higher according to most analysts , Eric Sprott often says the last decade was the decade of Gold this decade is the decade of Silver , Robert Kiyosaki calls silver a smoking deal , the best investment opportunity of all time ...it is never late to start stacking up silver bullion in 5 or 10 years you will be glad you did ....

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