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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bob Chapman Silver price will explode

Bob Chapman explains why the price of silver in the long term can only go up and what happens when the banks manipulating their short positions can no longer continue."the price of silver hits a new high everyday " says the International Forecaster Bob Chapman "gold and silver have been suppressed for years he explains since august of 1988 when the president of the United States signed an executive order saying that the FED and the treasury and the New York could manipulate the market and they have been doing that ever since and they picked on gold and silver , so gold and silver have been suppressed since then and this suppression is coming unglued sort to speak says Bob Chapman ,not only that but the government inherited a very large naked short position in silver , shorting means you gonna bet something is going to go down , naked means there is no collateralization in other words you do not have silver on hand to deliver if somebody demands it , this giant naked shorting position which manifested itself in JP Morgan Chase and HSBC they can't cover their shorts there is not enough silver for them to make delivery as well so they keep on creating derivative contracts options futures which are delaying the final problem and that is pushing the price up , right now JPM is off-site probably close to 60 billion dollars , HSBC probably 20 billion and that's a lot of money ....if we can get silver up to $50 , $60 /oz they are gonna have to default now when that happens it will affect the COMEX the LBMA in London the options the derivatives and as a result it will also anybody or any entity that is using those instruments to be in the market papee market as opposed to physical , if trading in paper stops the whole house comes tumbling down  the result will be the end of paper market at least temporarily in silver perhaps in gold as well , silver price will explode as a result ....


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