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Saturday, April 2, 2011

James Turk Upside explosion in Silver Price

THE QE BUBBLE IS GOING TO BURST IN 2011 and the hole house of cards will fall. GAME OVER . Gold is in a 2nd stage of a bull market.the world central banks have never printed so much money before. There is a debt nuclear bomb developing that can only end badly. We will see a more rapid price appreciation than in the past years. Price target until 2015: 8000 Dollar. Price manipulation has come to an end. Gold as natural alternative to currencies. Chances of hyperinflation 100%.Gold prohibition possible.James Turk wrote in 2010 "While gold is moving higher, I am really focused on the $21 level in silver to be hurdled because that's when the upside explosion that we have been talking about is really going to start." so he was 100% spot on


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