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Friday, April 8, 2011

Which Silver ETFs are better ?

Why would you buy silver at this level? Silver is still a smoking deal even at 440 as says Robert Kiyodaki , Silver is real money , how long will people be conned in believing that paper money is something that has any value in it . Silver a form of exchange, we're seeing money managers looking at silver really as a form of money. it's more attractive at $40 an ounce than gold. if we move to something on the lines of a barter economy, using silver coins and using silver at the $40 an houns mark is a lot cheaper than buying gold.more hoarding in the silver story is driven primarily by the overall safe haven attributes of precious metals , we have seen more hoarding in silver recently than gold in fact the money that's accumulating is outstripping the annual production and more people are competing to acquire the bullion and kind of ignoring the fact that 40% of the production goes to industrial uses , since the '80s we've seen an average gold to silver ratio of about 63 times. that's fallen below 40 recently.


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