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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Peter Schiff-Gold to $10,000, Gold IS money!!

Even though the dollar appears strong. When you compare the dollar to real money , it's falling like a rock. Peter predicts DOW and gold 1:1 Based on the current inflationary policies of the United States Peter Schiff had predicted a $5,000 dollar an ounce gold price sometime in the near future. Now that Europe has made it clear they will execute the same inflationary policies across the Euro Zone Peter now believes that $10,000 dollar/ounce gold price is not out of the question. As more people, governments, and institutions flee fiat currencies and seek the safety of precious metals, gold could very well see these unprecedented levels in it's price.The demand for gold is there because gold is a safe haven. With the debt of major currencies increasing and economies weakening of course you want a safe haven.


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