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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Protests halt Gold mining in El Salvador

Canada's Pacific Rim mining company owns all the land around El Dorado in El Salvador - one of the most coveted gold mines in Central America.After activists block its mining permit, Canadian gold mining corporation is using a US free trade agreement to sue the government of El Salvador .These people have the right to make their own laws, even if they don't benefit the US. Imagine that.All Pacific Rim cares about is exploiting our resources and earning huge profits. They don't bring opportunities to my country! They bring misery! Low wage jobs under bad conditions. Along with a handful of engineers who will most definitely be foreigners. Sue the gov, I hope they show up with this innocent, simple and humbled woman who will stand up for her people and demand equality and will fight the destruction of our land.
Assassination of anti-mining resistance leader, Marcelo Rivera, sparks campaign of terror against activists

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