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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gold is the ultimate Currency

Gold is money, Silver is more! Paper currency is TEMPORARY but GOLD is FOREVER.The same people that are saying that gold is expensive at $1700 are the same people that were saying that gold was expensive at $400 , these people focus on price and not on value they focus on gold as a commodity a speculative play or bet instead of looking at gold as a Currency , The ultimate Currency . They do not understand gold's value as insurance against the loss of purchasing power and the devaluation of paper currencies worldwide . The Banksters understand this ....the dollars is a fiat currency with no intrinsic value ...

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Richard Nixon did the single most injustice to the United States of America. With the stroke of a pen by Nixon on August 25, 1971 has lead up down a path of ruination. 99% of America do not know that the end of the dollar is near. We must prepare ourselves for that inevitable day that the is gone. What is the time line for that day? No one really knows. Prepare now.

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