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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Marc Faber : Gold is the most honest form of cash

Marc Faber :  "I'm not certain that people should buy gold today because we have a huge run in precious metals recently and they need to consolidate or shake out the weak holder. I would expect the correction in gold to occur. I think that everybody should have some gold if they want to own some cash because gold is the most honest form of cash people can own" "well, it's (ETFs) a claim on physical gold. i prefer if investors hold physical gold in a safe deposit box ideally outside of the u.s. in various locations, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada. " "I think it's important in today's very uncertain world to diversify not only the various asset classes, in other words equities, bonds, gold, real estate and also the custody of your assets should be in different jurisdiction , I don't trust anyone" - in CNBC 23 Aug 2011

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