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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chinese Investors attracted to High purity Gold

The Chinese Authorities have released the first national standards on "high pure gold," a move that is likely to boost the country's gold consumption."High pure gold," as it is called in the standards, refers to the gold with purity of 99.999 percent, or "five nines," and is also the highest purity so far Generally speaking, a gold ornament with an amount of metal reaching 99 percent is called "pure gold," and more than 99 percent is called "thousand pure gold." Currently in the Chinese market, the highest purity level of a gold ornament usually reaches 99.99 percent, or "four nines." With the purity of 99.999 percent, the "high pure gold" used to be used in high-tech industry, such as aerospace. It requires a higher quality of the raw material and a more complicated technological craft. There's been no end to Chinese investors' appetite for gold in recent months. And now, an added lure - investors can buy not just 99.9 percent gold, but 99.999 percent - even purer than before. - source CCTV

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