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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bix Weir gold and silver prices are headed to the Moon

Bix Weir live from the Silver Summit , He explained the precious metal manipulation by the mega banks , why you should take advantage of these dips and load as much physical gold and silver as you can possibly afford the prices are going to the stratosphere and there is no stopping them once they take off , Bix is always fun to listen to, as his words and manner are quite encouraging The main thing is, it's playing out in front of our eyes now. Buy silver if you can,if you have the silver in your hand YOU have lost nothing and if you have it in the paper silver take delivery NOW!...at this point one can do the cost averaging or dont think about the price right now buy what you can afford..The leading banksters will lose nothing when the banks go down, only the bond holders & people will lose. They've made their money. The destruction of the banks, in fact, could allow them to hide their fraud. When the new gold based system is created, they will make a fortune with all the gold they bought and they will control it. He who owns the gold rules. Greenspan was knighted so he's following the satanist plan.


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