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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Andy Hoffman : the physical metals will see all time high prices

Ranting Andy Hoffman talks about Derivatives, the MF Global debacle, silver and gold price outlook and the current events. andy says that he is now 100 percent switched to bullion , the physical metals will see all time high prices , the sovereigns of the world are rushing out of The Dollar . People have lost lot of money in the paper market .... I'm glad there are those that keep telling people to buy and hold precious metals themselves. This tactic has been proven down through the ages as sound policy. But most people will never listen. derivatives are just instruments to gamble upon the real underlining assets, they have no merit on the value of the real assets, bank of america has gambled to the point of 7 trillion in these gambling instruments. so bank of america is bankrupt, just dont invest in bank of america, anyone that has ties to bank of america will obviously be screwed also. doesnt mean the whole market is shit its just a select few of poorly managed companies.


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