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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gold & Silver - The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

From 1880 to 1914 the world was on the Gold Standard. From 1914-1944 the world had a mix of fixed asset currency countries and fiat countries. From 1944-1971 we had the Bretton Woods System. From 1971 until today we have had the Dollar Standard. We are starting to see some cracks in the current system. Get "Guide to investing in Gold and Silver" by Mike Maloney and read it as fast as possible! Always do your own due diligence but buy whatever physical silver you can afford NOW! You also need a few months supply of canned foods and water. There is so much preperation needed. Times are getting very bad very quickly in my opinion.

Why would anyone want U.S. dollar or Bonds right now.There is NO financial solution, they're only hope is for the FED to print more dollars which is deflation in dollar value & in inflation of all items. What's backing the dollar? NOTHING! There is NO GOLD the FED has admitted. The only thing the U.S. has propping up the dollar is OIL that's why there on a crusade all over the middle east & Africa. This is why there going to invade IRAN at the cost of nuclear war.

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