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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jim Rogers Silver Better Investment Than Gold ‎

After a 16 month correction in this 11 year bull market Silver looks set to resume its long term trend. $29 looks to be the breakout point above the trend line and silver may still take out it's all time nominal high price of $50 this year.it doesn't matter what the price of silver is today. What matters is the fact that you actually HOLD real physical gold & silver. Measure your wealth in terms of grams, ounces, kg The paper silver price will continue to be artificially manipulated until JPMorgan goes down. Period.

If anybody has any idea of hoarding our silver coins, let me say this. Treasury has a lot of silver on hand, and it can be, and will be used to keep the price of silver in line with its value in our present silver coin. There will be no profit in holding them out of circulation for the value of their silver content.

-U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, 1965


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