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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gold is Nature's Currency - It Cannot be Printed - Matt McLennan

Matt McLennan is First Eagle Global Fund Portfolio Manager. He is Head of Global Value Team. This is a brilliant video.
"Ultimately what moves the needle for Gold is the perception that the discipline around sovereign paper is declining. More importantly than the action of central banks is the question of SOLVENCY. What does paper money then? That's a bigger question. You get confronted with very difficult choices. Either fiscal adjustment which is deflationary, do you print money in unconventional ways...or do you try to tighten fiscal policy at the margin, that could be quite inflationary in the medium-term [Wow] We have about 10 per cent of our portfolio in gold bullion and gold equities. It is a long-term monetary reserve"
[How closely do you monitor the supply and demand of Gold?]
"Supply and demand are irrelevant. Gold is the one commodity that lasts forever. The real supply of Gold is the cumulative stock of Gold ever mined. One year's mining supply is less than 2 per cent of the true supply of gold. No other commodity is as stable because every other commodity is produced for use. So there is no value to monitoring the short-term supply for gold. Ultimately the supply is all the Gold that has ever been mined"
{Beautiful - that's it right there - You need to measure the total Gold stock across the whole world. Then compare that against the total stock of dollars being debased / reflated by the Federal Reserve and global central banks. That's the forecasting model for inflation and deflation against the one true value ruler of Gold now in the form of true currency.}

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