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Friday, December 14, 2012

Ned Schmidt: Gold will benefit from the growing wealth of China

Ned Schmidt: All markets are connected in some way. Money flowing into some market is coming out of some other market. When an investor puts money into a stock, that money is flowing out of the money market. The same is true on a global basis. The flows are just bigger. For 20 years, where in the world money was flowing to and where it came from created opportunities. Today, one has to understand where the money flowing to China is coming from and where it will flow. Those flows give an investor more opportunities. Thinking like a financial engineer means considering all the methods of building a financial bridge to the future. Many think gold will benefit from the growing wealth of China. Well, where is that wealth coming from and is that creating any more interesting opportunities? The answer is yes, in the form of the Chinese renminbi. China's growing economy means that the volume of transactions in renminbi is growing, and in general at a double-digit rate. An investor is likely to double one's money in renminbi in the next ten years, and that may be better than Gold. - in daily bell

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