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Monday, November 4, 2013

Gold Market ~ We are close to the end...Jay Taylor Interview

Jay TaylorI think what you have to do is first of all that you have to recognize that there is manipulation going on and try to understand what it is and then act accordingly. And of course the masses of people, don't get it, they don't believe it. They're content to take at face value what they're told by the mainstream media and what people really have to understand is that the manipulation is systemic. It is the fiat currency itself is a manipulative tool that allows those to control fiat money to reallocate wealth from those that produce it; Id' like to say the miners, the manufacturers, the farmers, the inventors, people that are actually doing things that are of value to other human beings are not getting their fair share. Instead the government and the Federal Reserve and the banking system, that has control and has first dibs at new money creation that really end up becoming more and more wealthy. So just by being in the system and holding dollars you are being taken advantage of. So what you have to realize is you need to get as much as possible outside the system. And the one way to reduce the systemic risk is to trade those fiat dollars, which are really worthless, they have nothing of intrinsic value, they are really just a con game, and they need to exchange those dollars for gold and silver, real estate, I would say diamonds, I would say other things that are of tangible value. That no matter what the currency does, you still have possession and ownership of those assets. Some other ideas might be to go to digital forms of wealth, like bitcoins. I'm not suggesting that's for everyone but it might be good for some people. If you're wealthy enough I would suggest people might do well to do what my friend Doug Casey and Jeff Berwick are doing and that's investing in other countries and different places. Diversify your assets to the extend you're able to.
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